Scenario Writing?

Scenario Writing?

Hey there, has anyone ever thought of writing a scenario? I know it's probably a daunting proposition, but I think it would be fun to do. Here is the link to the Open Call for Scenarios.

I wanted to open up a space for people to brainstorm about this.

That'd be fun to try, but I lack talent and time to even think about it , do we have good creative GMs in our midst?

Could it be done as a collaborative process?

Most of the scenarios follow a formula:
Get the mission, and Q&A
5 main encounters with a 6th optional encounter (some of which should be skill tests/combat avoidable, averaging 2 Faction quests per encounter)

If we were to brainstorm an overall plot, we could divvy up the encounters so five of us could write a part.

Certainly possible. Aren't scenarios for each season themed? don't they follow a general story arc?

The notes in the call for scenarios say they cannot reference existing metaplots so it has to be independent.

So... third party made scenarios... where are they? do they sell them? do they have another section where they have them I'm unaware of?

Actually: What they're asking for are Quests
What is a Pathfinder Society Quest?
Pathfinder Society Quests are 2,000-word mini-adventures designed to run in an hour or less. Quests are available on, in game stores and at conventions, and in such publications as Kobold Quarterly. They provide a great way for players to try out the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or Pathfinder Society Organized Play, are an excellent chance for new GMs to get acquainted with running a game, and are perfect time fillers between other adventures at conventions and game days. For example Pathfinder Society Quests, please visit

Designing a Quest
While Pathfinder Society Quests are similar in many ways to all adventures published by Paizo, they also come with their own design parameters that all open call submissions must abide by. A submission’s failure to meet any of the following requirements will result in the submission’s rejection.
• Pathfinder Society Quests are restricted to 2,000 words or less, including statblocks.
• Quests should be scaled to allow for a range of character levels to play the adventure. Scaling should follow the tier structure established in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign. Available tiers for submissions are: Tier 1–5, Tier 3–7, Tier 5–9, and Tier 7–11. For more information on tiers and subtiers, see the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.
• Pathfinder Society Quests do not include new or custom cartography, and must utilize a single map taken from the GameMastery Map Pack or GameMastery Flip Mat lines. All submissions must indicate what map is used within the adventure.
• All enemies (monsters and NPCs) must be represented by either a Pathfinder Battles miniature ( or a Pathfinder Pawn (

I'd bet they are among the regular ones but don't follow the main meta plot (which many do not).

I agree, the plot has to be designed first but as a way of divvying up the duties, we could split it into scenes for each person to work on. There would have to be a single editor to bring it all together though.

I'd be interested- aren't Quests just one-shots that have no actual value to the players though? No XP/loot?


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