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Definitive Dungeon Squad

Definitive Dungeon Squad - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Hello all.

I am starting a new high fantasy rpg based off of Jason Morningstar's 24HourRPG submission called simply Dungeon Squad. I absolutely adore this game. It is simple enough to teach any new player willing to sit and roll some polyhedral die, yet it offers enough replay value to keep any tabletop veteran happy.

After playing a few times using the original rules I decided to spruce up Mr. Morningstar's work (it was done in 24 hours after all) and in doing so have created what I so endearingly call Definitive Dungeons Squad, or from henceforth DDS!

DDS is as I've said rules light. Players have three aspects Warrior, Wizard, and Explorer and three die, a d12, d8, and d4, to place in each. So for instance I want to create a wizardly/thief type character, my die would be assigned as such: Wizard d12, Explorer d8, Warrior d4. Let's hope I have someone along to help me out in a fight!

Anyway, I am looking for 2-4 players willing to post at a regular pace. I am busy, work 80-90 hours a week, volunteer my time throughout the week, and have a family that includes a one-year-old. What I'm getting at is I know life is busy but I believe if you want you can find the time to post.

If your interested let me know. We've got two players already and I'll take only a couple more.


Game Description:

Definitive Dungeon Squad

Welcome to the game page for DDS.

Be patient... it's coming...

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Me! i wanna go with an 12explorer 8fighter 4wizard focused on perhaps trapmaking

Sounds great DaReaper95!

You are the first DDS PC.


Woot! can you pat my back for me? I don't wanna strain myself?

I would like to join.

Wizard 12, explorer 8, or the other way around.

Is there room still? I think I could have fun here.

Where did you want us to post characters?

By my count we have 6 players interested in starting a DDS campaign. I am very excited!

Though to avoid bogging down one game waiting for 6 players to post, I will instead split the group into 2. 3 players for each group tackling different story lines. Same world and time frame, so there may be some overlap via effects on the world at large, but no interaction unless absolutely called for.

So does this mean the game is full then? Because I would also be interested...


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