Re-Recruitment: Renegades and Rogues

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Re-Recruitment: Renegades and Rogues

Renegades and Rogues - Forum
Rogue Trader
Estimated Members Requested: 4

We are looking for three or four naves to join the crew of the damned and haunted Transport The Ark of Agrion under the captain-ship of Astropath Transcendent, Vladamir solomon. You will mostly be engaged in Theft, smuggling and con jobs, along the expanse and parts of the Calixis Sector. This is a more Radical type game, The Ark is sailing with no Rouge Trader and No house. She is own her own.

Xeno PC's are welcome, provided they are fleshed out. You will start with11'000xp, this includes the 5'000 that is built into char gen. So Rank three.

Game Description:

The Koronus Expanse is a dangerous and unexplored region Beyond the Calixis Sector. It is a chaotic, unclaimed space with riches and fortunes to be had by those RogueTrader bold enough to try. However, some grasp at riches beyond those claimed by most. Those who seek wealth unlike another,who are willing to not only flaunt the Imperium's law but defy the God-Emperor himself in pursuit of the all mighty bottom line!

Renegades,Rebels and Rogues is a Rogue Trader game set within the Koronus Expanse. But this game will not follow the Noble Rogue Traders, or those dashing hon able privateers. No, this game is about those who seek riches away from the light of Imperial Law. Those who consort with Xeno scum or perhaps smuggle the items most dire. Those that pry the Cold trade or on occasion pirate an Imperial vessel. This game is for those who take Laws as suggestions and see everything's value for what it's worth in cold hard Thrones.

Character creation:

The game will start at Rank 3, you may use Core, Into the storm, battlefleet koronus and Hostile Acquisitions. I do ask you let me know what book and page number items, talents, alt rank and such came from. Attribute generation is standard 2d10+25, one reroll and arrange to taste. The life path will be used with careers and one other line of your choice as the free pick any option.

Acquisitions: As per the standard rules except you get four free You may also trade in items you gain from your career for something of equal value.

You may place application in the application form. I shall also have a thread for dice rolling.

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I am thinking of making an explorator. Basically a tech priest who decided that if he went rouge he could make far more money than he did as a Imperial lackey. He also harbors some resentment against the priests of the Imperial Cult for treating him and his brethren as lower down than themselves. Would this work in your game?

It should, the current player, who is an astropath looks like he may go a bit more dark side( maybe not all corrupt mind you) and try and "Improve" himself.

How do you feel about newbies Hunterindarkness? I know the basics of the mechanics from Dark Heresy and I own the Rogue Trader core book (and I think Into The Storm and Battlefleet Koronus) but haven't played more than a quick game with them. Do you have any suggestions Career wise? I have always wanted to try a Rogue Trader but considering the game I would think that such a Career would be best avoided for something else, I'm happy to try anything - I quite liked playing a Guardsman in Dark Heresy, very much in the same sort of light as Judge Dredd dispensing the God Emperor's Law with a combination of shotgun, hammer and shield (not all at the same time, of course) - but I'm equally comfortable with the smart inquisitive type planning and plotting as I am with booting down a door and blowing away everyone in the room.

I have no issue if you want to be the Rogue Trader career itself. A face or diplomatic pc or RT style pc is normally good to have. The current master of the ship is no captain, he is an astropath that happens to own the ship.

Make something you both want to play and you think might fit in, as they game is less by the book and more underhanded and off the legal byways.

Including [Recruitment], [Looking for Players] et al. in game ads is kind of redundant; an ad's sole purpose is recruiting players, after all

Title changed.

Well, if someone needs a navigator/ninja I could fill it up. (Unless you're totally heretics and prefer to use a malefic book instead of a navigator,)

I think Reemos started rolling up a navigator. LivingWill started rolling up an Explorator. I'm not sure if those two are set in stone yet as to their career paths/acceptance. My Astropath isn't fully heretical, just skims the rules a lot due to being around Rogue Traders that don't have to follow all the rules.

Originally Posted by Secutor View Post
Well, if someone needs a navigator/ninja I could fill it up. (Unless you're totally heretics and prefer to use a malefic book instead of a navigator,)


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