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Thanks Odin!

Greetings to all, new and old players alike. I'll make a game post as soon as I'm able to, in the mean time feel free to post your characters, mingle, purchase or just relax.

I will do a quick review of your chars before we start.

Posted, and I have seen some comments about him - don't worry, summoner got banned - was fun (and close to broken.....)
Only - he has the lookout feat as well as his eidolon, so, if one gets to go the other as well during surprise round, or even a full round action......

Purchase: cold weather outfit.....
And tent

Yup, summoner 2 now thanks to the total rebuild rule in the Guide...., I was worried he had to stay barbarian 1.....

He was pretty crazy - but also fun.
Alright, a bit min/maxed, but I have seen worse characters then a synthesist,
2 examples:
1. Sap adept
2. Halfling lion Shaman

But I tried to stay with pounce - and lookout gives me the chance to cast mage armor during surprise, so the eidolon has some more chances to survive.....

I'm not here! <hands over eyes to hide self>
@Pete: As someone who looked for a long time at Sap adept, I don't think it is that great. The sap master feat only applies to flat-footed opponents (not just denied DEX), hard to find outside the surprise round and in melee range. In addition nonlethal damage is a common monster-immune type of damage, and really, sucks compared to regular damage. ...have you actually seen one in play that works?

I'm going to have to check out the halfling lion shaman now. I love halflings!!! <dashes away>

So, I'm still waiting for my Chronicle sheet for 2-21, which should be imminent (I believe my last IC post was a couple days ago). I'll try to get my purchases on that but if I can't, Moltok's going to pick up:

MW Great Axe - 320
Cold Weather Outfit - 8
2 Potions CLW - 100
50' Hemp rope and grapple - 2

And if he gets the 2PP, 1 Wand of CLW


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