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I don't have the armor in your sheet, I assume chain shirt?
Ah they get d10? nice. I noticed you're missing your bonus languages.

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@ Bronagh ArdRi, I notice you have Tien as a language, is that from being a ninja?
I actually hadn't decided on a back story yet - still have a few things floating around in my head. I got Common and Infernal for being a Tiefling, and INT gave me one more. Since I can't really wrap my head around a Ninja without an oriental flavor I went with Tien.

In reality it's something I've always wondered, especially if it turned out that you're from the same faction

I think it's safe to assume you know those of your same faction, the others you know unless you've known them from before and the topic of factions arose IC.

Do we have an IC reason why we're concerned about whether the goblins like horses/dogs? Assuming they're prisoners, tie them up, blind fold them then gag them if needed, and drop them in a wagon bed. Is it a reverse thing, where horses/dogs won't handle well around goblins?

Don't know but consider this. If they're walking with us they'll be more tired and sleep better at night. Makes them a bit easier to guard.

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