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I'll move the story along, feel free to have purchased anything you need, once you do your next IC post, purchases will have been final.

Originally Posted by Greycloak View Post
If Moltok has to carry a tent, he'll be just into encumbered.

I think he'll buy one anyway and carry it over his shoulder and drop it if anything bad happens - one hand on tent, one on greataxe.
That's Seytan's plan - tent and blanket in the sack over the shoulder, dropping as necessary.

Just checked my tabletop PCs' chronicles to be sure and realized I had played Frostfur Captives. I'm very sorry. This mean I have to drop out, right?

Elizabeth W.

uh oh... I dunno, I remember something about not being able to award the same chronicle twice, not sure if that involves play the same scenario twice, lemme ask

You can play, but you won't get a chronicle.

Okay. So I can still play. Just no Xp, Fame or gold. I'll be more careful from now on. I'll stay. Keeping six goblins alive and with the party is gonna be interesting if hard.

Elizabeth W.

heh... speaking of oversights (...so embarrassed ) I somehow got confused with Andoran Faction mission and posted the Silver Crusade faction mission ()

To be fair, none of you seem to remember what you faction leader is called

Seriously though, we can do one of the following, since you still don't know if you have succeded:
* Keep the mission as is, if you succeed I'll award the PP as if you had completed the other mission.
* Keep wathever rolls and attempts you've made so far for the other mission.
* Do the other one disregarding this one.

Your choice.


I didn't even know the faction leader names were known. But I've little experience with Golarion and Pathfinder.

Magent_mx, just as a reminder, Bo asked Ragna if she had any wounded or sick.

The Silver Crusade and Andoran factions have values in common, so I wouldn't mind going ahead with the current mission, though my character doesn't fancy the mission.

Yep, I'm still to post a response for that one.

Faction leader names are in the PFS guide as well as the faction's general outlook and goals, yeah, they're similar (such that I got them mixed )

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