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In recent months, the Decemvirate has spared no effort in tracking down the remnants of the rebel Shadow Lodge cells that declared open war on the Pathfinder Society. An important figure in these efforts is Ragna Lightstep. Hailing from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Ragna and her team specialize in infiltrating the Irrisen, a neighboring country to the east. Recently, they were assigned to locate goblins from the Frostfur tribe and determine the goblins’ relationship with the Shadow Lodge cell that operated in Irrisen’s capital of Whitethrone. Communicating through prearranged sending spells, Ragna reported a solid lead connecting the tribe and the fringe Shadow Lodge separatists. In response, the Ten initiated a plan to capture those goblins and bring them in for questioning, in the hope of obtaining a wealth of information from them about the Shadow Lodge rebels’ operations in Irrisen and perhaps elsewhere as well.

The Decemvirate instructed Lightstep and her team to remain in Irrisen and capture the Frostfur mercenaries. Meanwhile they made separate plans to bring the captives secretly out of Irrisen and take them to a location where they can safely be questioned at length. To this end, they assembled two teams to handle moving the goblins: a small team would escort the captives from Irrisen to the Land of the Linnorm Kings, and a larger team would transport the goblins to their final destination. In preparation for this operation, Pathfinder Society agents knowledgeable about Irrisen charted a route through for the smaller team to take to reduce the chances of them running afoul of military forces near the border of these two warring nations. Additionally, the Society contacted the castellan of Trollheim, Freyr Darkwine, to obtain consent for the Pathfinder Society to transport captives through his lands. Fortunately, he proved willing to grant his permission in thanks for the Society’s assistance in quelling an assault on his armory in Trollheim earlier in the year.

The urgency of this mission stems from the state of affairs following the integration of the Shadow Lodge back into the Society’s good graces under the renewed leadership of Grandmaster Torch. While the Decemvirate has agreed to take the Shadow Lodge’s concerns and complaints seriously, not every member of the Shadow Lodge is interested in reconciliation. A number of rogue cells have refused to come in from the cold. Both the Decemvirate and Grandmaster Torch have made rooting out these renegades a priority.

Irrisen is a difficult nation for the Pathfinder Society to operate in, which is why the old Shadow Lodge had decided to relocate there after the fiasco in Kaer Maga. Nevertheless, the remaining renegades also have a problem—the goblins they’ve used as mercenaries and spies in the past. With their numbers depleted, the rebels now lack the resources to properly supervise their goblin minions. Many of these goblins have valuable knowledge of the secret plans and habits of their former masters, knowledge the Decemvirate desperately wants to prevent further open conflicts with the Shadow Lodge. It is thus vitally important that the goblin prisoners be brought in alive for questioning.

You and other Pathfinders were summoned for a task, you've just entered the office of Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin.

“Close the door,” Ambrus Valsin murmurs as the team gathers in his office. “Let me start by saying, this mission is not for dissemination among other members of the Society.” The chamberlain of the Grand Lodge gives everyone a serious look in turn before continuing. “This mission is not an investigation, just a simple, straightforward assignment, but that makes it no less important.”

“I need you to book passage to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and cross over into Irrisen. You’re to head north and rendezvous with another team who have captured some -” Valsin pauses for a heartbeat before continuing. “ - persons of interest. We have reason to believe that these individuals have information on the Shadow Lodge cells that are refusing to reconcile with the Society under Grandmaster Torch’s leadership.” Valsin’s expression becomes particularly grim at that point. “If these rogue cells are outright refusing amnesty, then they represent a clear threat to all of us. I need you to take charge of these captives and get them out of Irrisen safely and quietly. Once you’re clear of Irrisen, a larger extraction team will take custody of them and bring them in for questioning. Of course, we will cover the expense of your travel in full, and provide maps to lead you to the meeting point in Irrisen. Because of the nature of the mission and Irrisen itself, you’ll be meeting the other team in the field, away from what passes for civilization up there. The team you’ll be getting the prisoners from will show you the best route out of Irrisen, and the castellan of Trollheim has agreed to grant you passage through his lands. You are responsible for avoiding unexpected trouble between the handoff and Trollheim.”

Valsin gestures for the team to depart, but pauses, staring at his fireplace for a moment before adding, “Wait. You need to know this. Your prisoners will be goblins. The Shadow Lodge separatists made extensive use of the sadistic creatures as soldiers and servants, and as much as you may want to throttle them, please remember that we need them alive.” he looks for an expression from you or questions.

A Knowledge (Local) or Knowledge (Geography) roll can provide additional insight. Please roll on your post for an attempt.

So... we can throttle them, so long as they don't die. Loud and clear.

Moltok is a foul looking beast of a man with scars everywhere, tufts of hair in odd places and very irregular teeth. He would be very tall, were it not for having slightly bowed legs, but he is obviously physically powerful, carrying his bulk with the quiet grace of a predator. He carries a huge great axe and wears dark brown travelling clothes that have been frequently and crudely patched up over the glint of a steel mail shirt.

Moltok has a reputation as a competent but dangerous agent with few scruples. It is rumoured that he was raised in and orcish hold and as such is known as a brawler with little restraint. He pipes up at the last bit, "How many are we talking about? If it's few enough, we could just carry them in crates or stuff them in a sack or something. Better than letting goblins run around lose."

Valsine sighs and responds "Just... deliver them in one piece. I know they were seven, but one died for some reason, I don't have the details, last I heard they had six of them. They can be a handful from what I've read on the reports"

Bowden Stirc is a stout young man armored in studded leather and clad in brown and green garments. He recently had a shave and a haircut, but already fine down is growing back on his cheeks.

He listens to the Venture-Captain's words carefully, nodding from time to time as he absorbs various points. He does not seem particularly enthusiastic about the mission. His manner is patient.

He glances sideways and nods in agreement with the big ugly half-orc's question, if not the exact manner in which he asked it.

Bo adds a question of his own, speaking in a slow country drawl, "Gobbos are bad, you say. What kinda bad they are or do?"

"Well, they're evil, traitorous, sadistic little creatures. They were minions of the Shadow lodge so I'd advise you to keep your eyes peeled and don't give your back to them, unless you want a sharpened stick on it" he responds to Bowden.

Bo nods a little sadly. He looks away from the Venture-Captain. His expression is solemn, and he absently rubs the gleaming wood of his longbow, the weapon almost as tall as he is.

Gregori of Steton is a tall, thin man with blondish hair and sharp features; he seems mostly plain, and often carries an unpleasant expression. Dressed warmly, in dark-grey colors, Gregori seems to favor the simpler clothing styles of the more rural folk, than the high fashions of those bred to the city. The few times the party has heard him speak, he seems off-putting, and overly focused.

Standing to leave, while loosely pulling his bow towards his back, Gregori pauses when he learns who, or rather what, they are expected to escort.

"Captain, do you know how the other group is transporting the goblins? I mean, do they already have a prison wagon, or is that something we should plan on bringing. And, for that matter, will the group we're meeting come with us back home, or are they handing off the minions of evil and then going on to other matters."

Gregori pauses again, thinking. "What about the terrain and weather there? Or any foul beasts known to haunt our route? Anything we should plan for?"

Dogan is lean and tall, having inherited some features of his elven relatives. His fair hair is uncombed and looks rather wild. Sometimes it seems as if he is drifitng out of reality, focussing on the realms Beyond. Next to him sits a strange white creature with blue eyes and blue ears. His hide is thick and long, and shimmers in the sunlight, as if crystals are imbedded into it. Long black claws protrude under the long hair, and his mouth is unnaturally large.

Dogan nods, "so, off into the cold then? Hope the Lodge provides outfit and tents. And yes, how to transport them? And how long will this mission take?"


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