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"I'm afraid you're going to have to make this trip on foot. In other circumstances you could use horses or dog sleds, but you can’t when traveling with goblins, as they won’t tolerate either beast to live. Also, the Iceflow River follows the border, and you want to avoid disputed territory until you’re ready to cross, as its western edge is strongly guarded and we don’t have permission to move through that territory uncontested as we do in the south, where Freyr Darkwine’s Blackravens patrol.” he responds to Gregori and adds the following plainly, as if expecting you should all know for a fact "It's Irrisen. It's cold as it can be thanks to the winter witches, plan for not freezing to death. The route that's being planned for you should be the safest one, but who knows what kind of dangers you could bump into? be weary"

Turning to Dogan Valsin responds “It’s a three and a half day journey from your rendezvous point to the extraction point outside Trollheim, but the extraction team will remain in place for an additional day in case you’re delayed. Just remember, don’t look for trouble.”

Navara listens to Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin as he answers questions. "Guarding 6 goblins and we have to get them alive to the rendevous point. And it's cold and snowy. Anyone speak goblin? That would make this task a little easier." Navara regards the assignment warily but at least she will be expecting treachery this time.
Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 17)
Knowledge: Local (17).

Elizabeth W.

Short, whip-cord thin and blue as the frostbite she's now certain she's about to contract, the little Tiefling girl keeps to herself at the back of the room. She takes a sharp intake of breath at the revelation that their captives will be goblins, but doesn't otherwise react.

Bo initially shakes his head at Navara's question. Then he hesitates, seeming to mull over the question. Then he shrugs equivocally.

He pulls out a small wooden amulet carved with the sign of a bow and arrow so that it lays on his chest, and he taps it with a finger and raises a light brown eyebrow.

Moltok had heard enough and was ready to go. He began to pace at the back of the room.

Bowden looks from one teammate to another. He says nothing, but by the way he is carrying himself, he seems ready to depart as well.

"So, there are some things we need to take into consideration," Dogan sdds, "Goblins are insane and sadistic. They have a strong hatred of dogs and a fear of horses, both rivaled only by their unnatural love of fire and destruction. So, we have to be careful. And we need to take enough food - making the journey in 3-1/2 days will not allow for much time for hunting, unless we use the extra day allowed by the extraction team - don't really want to do that. And we need to be careful with the provisions for the journey goblins - they’ll need supervision. Goblins have fast metabolisms and find hunger painful. If we do not watch them, they’ll eat their rations all at once. And then we have a problem..."

Gregori nods, resigned. "A journey in an unpleasant land to meet and bring home even more unpleasant beings."

Completely deadpan, he continues, "Well, we'll need to make sure to bring plenty of rope."

Bo grips his right wrist with his left hand and asks, "Rope? No manacles?" He looks first at the other archer, Gregori, then at the Venture-Captain.

He nods in resignation to the half-elf, Dogan. "Save time. Pool coin. Buy food."


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