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Navara listens thoughtfully to the others. "Make sure you each buy wnter clothing, a winter blanket, a tent and at least 5 days rations. That's 21 gold. Those that don't have that much, I can advance you the funds and you'll pay me back when we get paid for this assignment." Navara offers kindly.

Elizabeth W.

Bo unstrings his pouch and opens it and peers inside. He takes out some gold pieces.

"I can buy the blanket and winter gear for myself and rations for a couple'a gobbos. But a tent per person's too heavy. 'm already overladen."

"We'll just have to make do. We'll be sleeping in shifts anyway, and it's only 3 days' journey."

Cold weather outfit and winter blanket are already in Bowden's equipment list.
Cold weather gear

Navara considers Bo's statement. "Yeah good point, but a tent will give us a place to put the goblins at night. While we take shifts." Navara says.

Elizabeth W.

Moltok grumbled, "And if we leave them in the cold, they'll be less likely to run away. Let's get on with it so I can get paid."

With a final nod for luck, the venture-captain dismisses the group.

Unless I missed any more questions.

The party’s journey from Absalom to northwest Irrisen is long but mostly uneventful. The trip inland gives you a new appreciation for what cold weather is, the feeling of dread pervades this land, as the unnatural cold never seems to melt.

As you make your way to the indicated place, two Ulfen rangers appear from concealment in the snow and greet you, they seem friendly.

"You must be the extraction team, please come with us, Ragna will want to meet you as soon as possible, we are breaking camp and will soon move from this location" the male warriors start to head out into the trees expecting you to follow.

Unless someone objects, Bo follows the two Ulfen rangers with his longbow in one hand and an arrow in the other, peering ahead and around.

By now he is wearing his cold weather outfit. His explorer's outfit is tucked away in the enormous pack he carries on his back. It's all very heavy but he does not say anything about it.

Moltok trudged silently along, his greataxe slung over one shoulder and nursing a sour mood. He was used to winter's breath from his youth in Belkzen but he didn't have to like it. For a big man in chain armour and bristling with weapons, he moved with a lot of grace and could be surprisingly quiet when he wanted to be.

Not much for a travelling companion, the half-orc kept to himself, having told his compatriots the minimum of his business - that he was a scout and a warrior, that he had a couple of healing potions in his pockets to be used on him in case he got knocked down, as well as sharing the activation word for a magic healing wand he couldn't use, but was advised by a more experienced associate to carry along "just in case".

Dogan just hates the cold, why did I sign up for this mission? he asks himself, nuts. Occasionally he pats his eidolon'S back, which seems a bit uncomfortable with its new rule as packmule.
Dogan nods, "sure enough, the faster we move, the fater we are back in the warmth...."

You arrive at Ragna's camp, all in all six members who look like a mix of rangers and druids are busy breaking down their shelters in preparation to move. Their leader, Ragna Lightfoot is a female ulfen dressed in heavy leathers and furs, much of what this climate requires, but regardless she looks light enough to move about with ease.

"Hello there, I'm Ragna Lightfoot, we've been expecting you" she greets you sparing a look at the half-dozen jittery goblins who are busy eating like little savages. Ponting to them she adds with a sigh of relief "those over there are your new charges" while you respond, she searches for a map among her things and nods to one of the Ulfen rangers to get supplies. there is a sense of urgency.


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