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Navara will buy a winter blanket(5sp) and a tent(10gp). Also flint and steel(1gp), hooded lantern(7gp), 4 oil flasks(4sp), 28 rations(14gp) and 4 waterskins(4gp).
Total spent is 36gp 9sp.

Elizabeth W.

Moltok will buy a tent (10gp), hooded lamp (7gp), 5 pints oil (5sp), flint and steel (1gp), + 5 rations (2.5gp, 5#)

For 21 gp, 32# and medium encumbrance except in battle when he'll drop his tent

Dogan buys col weather outfit (8gp) winter blanket (5sp) and a tent (10gp), 5 rations(2.5 gp) and 1 waterskin (1gp).
Total: 22 gp

Bo will have bought the items already in his list: winter blanket and cold weather outfit.

If he has been told that the goblins' food will be provided, he won't bother to buy rations. Otherwise, he'll buy an extra 6 days' worth (3 gp).

Converted that to a fillable form PDF. I didn't put in the fancy linked fields that do the addition for you that others have used as this was my first time and that seemed like a modest hassle.
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Profession (Herbalist):
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 24)
DayJob Roll

OK, nice time to roll a Natural 20!

So that's 526 GP, 1 XP and 1 PP for Seytan, correct?

Should be 2PP? I think only Moltok blew his faction mission.


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