Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

The New N00b On The Block

The New N00b On The Block

Howdy, folks. I ran across this website in my internet travels and was impressed by the site tools. I plan on appropriating those for use in my RL campaign, needless to say.

When I saw that this place also hosts pbp's, I was hooked.

And here I am, ready to be nestled in the warm bosom of this here online community. Coddle me, Myth-Weavers! Enfold me in your sundry delights!

... coddle? We'll have to find one of our nicer members to do that. In the spirit of Gygax, roll save versus death.

There will be no nestling or coddling around here, sir! Lose 50 experience.

You wish to be enfolded into what delights me, eh?

~pulls out a piece of the grand tapestry known as the weave.~ Step into the folds of this, so i shall beat the rules and torments that men must pass to begin Roleplayers of myth and legend.

It's certainly an introduction that makes me want to laugh. Having fun and making people laugh is surely a good thing.

Now, so it was an orc you wanted to be nestled in the bosom of, right?

First off, you don't get to roll a save against death unless death says so... I don't think I'm gonna give you that chance. You used 0's in your spelling of noob. I automatically claim your soul as payment for this vile act.


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