Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

The New N00b On The Block

Voxanadu drew forth a knife from his scabbard.
A moment later the entire room darkened.
A scream echoed throughout the room.
When the lights finally popped on, all that remained in the room was a pool of blood beneath a coin that was glued onto someone's chest.

o.O why did you carve up the new guy like that Vox... You're a sick twisted fool.

~shrugs~ You're to blame. You wouldn't accept the truth. Besides, it' your fault for having such a twisted crest.

*steals a cupcake from Reapers stash, and hands it to pliantreality*
This is a cupcake of immunity. While you possess this, Reaper and Vox have no power over you. Good luck, and Welcome aboard!

But I still have power over you! *laughs maniacally*

~smacks jack~ If i've got no power, you've got no power.

Would you like a Vox underling card? I've begun collecting souls.

hey there folks i have a request.
i am new to this play by post scene, but i do have experience playing table top and pen and paper style games at home or with friends. would one of you mind showing a newbie like me the ropes. or as they say in DnD taking on an apprentice to the guild.

How fast can you come up with a level 1 human character?
Reaper is starting a new game for newbs, which will be my first game ever. Not sure if we're already full, but we haven't started playing yet.

Which systems do you play? Maybe have a look through some old games?
This is a GURPS game I've been reading, which I think is great...
This is Reapers last Rookie game, which is still in progress. (DnD 3.5e)
Those should give you a bit of an idea what goes on...

I strongly recommend reading Reaper's Rookies if you're familiar with the game but not play by post. Its a bunch of straight up newbs to the games, so they probably at one point or another make every mistake in the book. (Though they did just get some beginners luck against some ghouls and a ghast.) The other game is full but... after the first adventure, I'm pulling one of the characters. If that branch of the campaign continues with those players, I'd be a man down... I suppose I could get you in :3


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