Heroes Wanted!

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Heroes Wanted!

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GURPS - Fantasy
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This will be a GURPS 4th edition game. Fantasy and Magic Supplements are recommended but not required.

Due to the response i have decided to allow a couple more players

Additional World Info can be found here

Applications (Character concepts) should be placed in here in this thread.

House Rules:
Tech Level is 3

Playable races restricted to Human (Agamari).

Characters will be made with 100 points and be given a maximum of 45 points of disadvantages and 5 points for quirks.

No Power Investiture (no divine power will be given from the Dominant Religion of Ancestor Worship)

No Psionics or Super Powers

No Black Powder weapons

Characters should mesh with the party to some degree, making lone wolf character concepts not recommended.

Once character character concept is approved, it is Recommended that Players create a character thread: listing character description, background info and link to sheet.

Players will be required to post once every 2 days. Players who do not post over a 2 day period will be nudged along in character by the GM to continue story flow and enjoyment for other players. GM cannot guarantee absent players will be kept out of harms way. However exceptions can be made with advanced notice.

Game Description:

'Long ago there was the great city of Anrahdynn. A marvel of stone and magic, that stood for a millenia. It was with the best intentions that a handful of seekers of knowledge experimented with powers they thought they understood. With each new discovery came subtle, evil alterations of mind, body and spirit. Things came into being not of the natural world; some of beauty, others were monstrosities. Those not yet touched by the shadow marshalled their armies and a great war was fought. With the fall of the great city, the heroes of light had defeated the darkness... at least that was what they believed.

800 years have passed since that time and much of the old lore has been lost. But that is about to change for now in the dark places of the world the shadow is moving once more and new heroes are needed!'

This game takes place in The Kingdom of Agamar, an original world.

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Definitely interested. I've never played GURPS but I have heard good things about it and am willing to learn. Will newbies be allowed to join? If so I will put my name in the hat to play. I GM another game on MW so I am constantly checking the site.

Yes newbies are welcome. The GURPS Lite rules are available for Free online and that should get you started.

Please think about a character concept and list it here. Thanks

Will we be using the Gurps Fantasy specifically? I have borrowed my friends copy.

As for concept: I was thinking of playing a wizened veteran of war, wearing leather armor and carrying two short swords at his hips.

Interested. Do you have any character templates available?

It's been more than 20 years since I played GURPs (my 2nd edition rulebooks are up in my parent's attic a long way from here), so consider me a newbie too. This would also be my first PbP game.

Concept: A stunningly beautiful merchant woman impregnated by powerful, non-malevolent magical being. He gave her special abilities to protect their son until he grows up. (Idea of what might be granted abilities: melee skills, danger sense, and a few spells appropriate to the being's nature). Son is a dependent - no game significant abilities until he reaches majority.

Interesting. What's the kingdom of Agamar like? Or the city of Whiterock? Trying to think of a character is hard for me if I don't know where it belongs in the world.

mana level? Some idea of what our starting refernce frame is? I'm interested in playing a wizard- is this normally handled by apprenticeship, is there a magical library system...?

How will we know we've been chosen? Or I guess, when will we know?


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