In need of some Xeno-exterminators

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In need of some Xeno-exterminators

ALIENS: According to Plan - Forum
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Estimated Members Requested: 30

I'm looking for players to take up the roles of the brave men, woman and Artificial Persons of the USS Connor, who are on a mission to kill or capture the rogue Xenobiologist Dr. Carter Farch, who following the termination of his research took to hiring mercenaries and abducting colonists to continue his work, rescuing the surviving colonists who probably also be a plus.

There are potentially spaces for up to 16 USCMC marines and almost just as many spaces for Artificial Persons, tech specialists, scientists, pilots and other advisers. I don't expect to fill all those spaces in two weeks, but just wanted to note that they'll be open for those who want to join the game at a later date.


Game Description:

The year is 2210 and a Xenobiologist, Dr. Carter Farch, has gone rogue and has been using mercenaries to kidnap deep space colonists to further his research. Wanting to ensure continued expansion a number of invested corporations and individuals have applied enough pressure to have a specialist USCMC 'Bug Hunter' unit sent out to rescue the colonists and ensure this madman suffers for the damage he's caused.

AL()ENS: According To Plan

ALIENS: ATP is set in the Dark Horse Comics' expanded Aliens Vs Predator universe and focuses on a team of United States Colonial Marine Corps troopers and support staff of the USS Connor, all of whom have experience dealing with the black bio-mechanical nightmares that haunt the universe. From smart-gunners to Artificial Persons to a small assortment of techs, troops and the odd scientist they will all be working together to help make deep space colonization a safe (and profitable) endeavour for current and future generations.

Player Characters
Players will be built using one of the standard 70 Point character builds from the AFMBE line, including Survivor, Powered (Inspired), Martial Artist, Shooter, Adept Hero and Talented Hero.

Most non-supernatural Qualities, Drawbacks and Skills will be acceptable, including some of the Package Qualities from other Unisystem games (Brainiac, Jock, Cop, etc) with minor adjustments for their Skill bonuses, additionally there will be a free Package Quality for all players to represent their association with the unit, which may be highly individualized in the case of support characters.

Powers Types available to characters include Bioware/Cybernetics/Nanotech, Chi Techniques and Mentalism/Psionics, although some of the associated Powers within these may not be allowed for flavor reasons.

Posting Requirements
There will be a minimum of 1-2 posts per week and this will increase to a minimum 3-5 posts per week during high action scenes. Characters who haven't acted within this timeframe will have their actions automated by the GM, inline with similar actions/background of the character from the past.

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Yep, just check the game forum for the application layout, it includes space for character information and a character sheet summary (there's also a spot for the sheet URL).


All official books and web supplements are acceptable including other Unisystem books (Buffy, Terra Primate, etc), it's more about which content suits the campaign which will be assessed on a case by case basis during the application/character creation process.


I'm sure the All Tomorrow's Zombies supplement of the All Flesh Must be Eaten books would help a load. I'll check my copy if people need information about qualities, disadvantages, and the like.

I think I will have to bow out. I don't have the time to look through near that many resources. And I am finding out that my next free evening won't be till Sun or Mon.

I'm more than happy to help you make a character and the game's still a week away from starting, so there's no need to rush.


Actually, I should add that I'm happy to help make anyone's character for this game



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