Looking for reliable 3.5 D&D players

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Looking for reliable 3.5 D&D players

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 6 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Hello, I am looking for 3-4 players of a level three Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game. The games seems to focus more on role playing then on roll playing. As such I need players I can count on not to grow board and stop posting after two months because there hasn't been anything to kill. It is very bad for a story if the cast is constantly changing...so please do not apply unless you are willing to commit (or at the very least tell me you are leaving so we don't sit around waiting on you)!

Game Specifics

1. We will use a Point Buy system of 32 point (for more information see DMG page 169).
Then add +2 to all those numbers you buy.

2. Starting level: 3rd

3. Starting gp: 2000

4. Concerning buying items for your character, you may not spend more than 1/3 of your total money on one item.

5. Required book: Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook (Ver. 3.5)

6. Other books that can be used:
a) Complete Adventure
b) Complete Divine
c) Complete Warrior
d) Miniatures Handbook

7. Classes: Right now we have a human bard and a half-elf fighter and an npc human cleric (and possibly a human rogue/sorcerer)

8. Identify the source: When you create a character, please note which books you are using for your feats and spells so that I make sure everything is in order.

To come up with a good background for your character, type out the answers the following questions, and e-mail/PM them to me to okay. Because you are so low, most of these questions probably wont matter that much, but they still serve as a good guideline. You do not work for the bard Zenatos like the game information says unless you want to know him.

1. How and why did your character become an adventurer?

2. How did your character acquire his class levels? This is especially important, if he is a multi-class character, or is in a prestige class (no one simply have 2 levels of fighter when they are playing a barbarian, what does that signify?).

3. What (if any) is the significance of your character’s starting equipment, and how did he get it?

4. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to him?

5. What is the best thing that has happened to him?

6. What is his relation with his family like?

It is also important to note that your back story needs to fit with your character’s level. A 1st level fighter can’t have a background saying that he was captain of the city guard (the average human city guard has a CR of 3), but he could be a cadet. If you have any questions please ask me.

What has happened to you up to this point:

You were part of an adventuring party from the mainland. Your band was buying supplies at a place called Ottoman Dock when you encountered a peddler gnome named Zeke. Zeke had in his possession a one-of-a kind map to the Lost Pit of Thud and the tomb of the legendary wizard Udo the Grey. The map, costing 100 gold, took away most of your funds but gave you all a new and exciting adventure to go on.

You purchased a ship and set sail for the Oasis of El-Fendar to the west. You were out at sea for only a week when terrible storms badly damaged your vessel. For the last week you have been floating on the open ocean at the mercy of the tides.

Exhausted, hungry and tried you were unprepared for a surprise attack from a group of sahuagin, led by a larger, crimson member of their race. The battle was short and bloody. You fought valiantly but you were too weakened to put up a decent fight.

Whatever role you had in the battle you ended up losing consciousness (through wounds or exhaustion is up to you) and would have died had you not been rescued by a strange nymph named Alcinadea.

Alcinadea nursed you back to health in time to be picked up by another adventuring party (working for a bard named Zenatos) heading south to the frozen plains of Friezurazov to seek a 'compass' of some kind as part of their quest.

After arriving in the only know town (of the same name as the land), the party found the town is being plagued by goblin raiding parties under the control of a powerful frost giant...what is worse this giant might in fact have the 'compass' that the group needs...

Game Description:

You slipped, to claim victory in such a manner would be lacking honor...I would not have earned the right to lead. Besides I prefer to defeat my opponents the old fashion way...BRUTALLY!!
Sounds interesting... Count me in.

Would you allow Tome of Magic? I was looking at Binder. If not, then possibly a Wizard or Druid.

To Silverwolfer: The geography is constantly changing. To date the party has done some high seas, tropical, urban, and now arctic encounters. So no not everything is in a crypt.

To Freelancer: That depends on what you want to use. But no when I say Player's Handbook I mean only the original.

To Skippy5393: No Tome books, be it magic or battle...sorry

Stupid question Zoalord but what did you mean by "add +2 to all those numbers you buy"? After making a 32 point buy character, add +2 to all the attributes? If I were to make a Dwarf Cleric, would you be okay with this? Are you okay with players crafting equipment pre or even in game (mundane and magical)?

Hope I can role up a character fast enough.

Also, all those environment between lvl1 and 3? Thats a lot of travel.

the add says your looking for 3-4 players, does that include the ones allready ingame or not ?
and with that, posting intrest.

And Question: Are the following books out ?
Book of Exalted Deeds/Comp Arcane/Comp Mage/Comp Champion ?
not that I would probably need any of those, but they would give nice few feat options (like heritary feats)

To Syltha: You use the 32 point buy like normal. Then apply racial modifiers. Finally raise each of your abilities by two points. It would be best to avoid a crafter character (gather necessary supplies is difficult in this adventure and the party is on a clock so they don't have time to sit around and craft)

To Tonizio: The books you asked about are out, sorry. Also I would like a party size around 4-6. I only have two players right now that I can depend on.


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