Krone:Night of blood

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Krone:Night of blood

Krone:Nights of Blood - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Come play Krone! All classes open.

Game Description:

As a badass Barbarian, you heft your mighty battle ax and cut down your enemies while trying to contain your rage.

As a badass Noble, you use your social position to scheme your way to power while trying to overcome your madness.

As a badass Sorcerer, you use blood to summon vile demons to do your bidding while trying to hide your deformity and maintain control.

Krone is a sword and sorcery game centered on a corrupt and decaying city in the middle of a poisonous swampland. Players have a choice of three classes a raging Barbarian, scheming Noble, or corrupt Sorcerer.

I've read through the pdf. I'd love to try out a noble character. They are clearly the most badass

They all sound pretty badass, but I'd like to try a sorcerer first. Where do you want character rolls and applications?

Originally Posted by ForgedofSteel View Post
Finished reading. Yes, I'm definitely down for sorcerer. Character sheets and such? Location?
Roll up your starting stats in the OOC. Depending on if you guys know eachother you ewill strt in the Market place of Krone or the Swamp.

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