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Blood of Arcana - Dark Themed Medieval/Steampunk MMORPG

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Welcome to the World of Zerephos, a fully immersive virtual world built upon numerous legacy MMO games and several inspirations from Japanese Manga, Steampunk Classics and several forms of media in todays society.

The game is set in the year 2030, where modern society has advanced towards full integration of information based technology. Virtual reality has been perfected to the point of creating a dream like effect, providing full sensory functionality and at the same time enriching the experience. Recently launched, The World of Zerephos has held true to its promise to deliver a gameplay experience unlike any other.

The game has been generating rave reviews in the two weeks following its release and boasts over three million subscribers within the player-base. Across the world Zerephos has redefined the genre of video gaming, but that isn't all, the fully immersive world has created a whole new outlook towards society.

As of late, however, there has been several reports of bizarre occurances and distortions within the game world. Some of its users have found themselves stuck in a catonic state after extreme amounts of game time spent. Such reports are obviously falsified and arranged by extremist groups who oppose video games, aspecially those that work to create a new sense of reality.

Nevermind the nonsense, as new subscribers, each of you set to explore and conquer the world in your own personal way.

Game Description:

Being revamped.

Just got the computer fixed, working on catching up!

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You hooked me. I was a huge .hack///sign fan... so I have to be in on this.

What are you looking for out of prospective players?

Anything goes and players are free to make their rl and avatars as they see fit. The game itself will involve a lot more to it than just combat, naturally, expect to have some pretty crazy plot twists and wierd stuff to go on. Gathering information is also very important and I've designed it to function a lot like the .hack video games where you can get information from the forums or other players in the game.

Ah ha, just reread your response.

I am looking for some good roleplayer types who enjoy building a story with their own actions as much as being part of a story. I have numerous storylines but I like player driven stories since in the end, it is the player that makes the big decisions, not some NPC .

I prefer well rounded players who can post a decent bit, the game is set up in a way to accomodate people who cannot post all the time, and yet also supports those who are very active. In a way it is almost a pick your own adventure type of game, but far more expanded. I do ask that players be somewhat active (every day isnt exactly required but I'd hope for something that isn't once a week posting or so )

*is pushing money onto the screen* TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!! /joke

You also had me at (dot)hack.

Interesting. But I am curious about this Martial Powers thing. Am I understanding right that they are like spells, only with a different stat as the base? Like, would a warrior with high Strength be able to have that tied to his Martial Powers skill, and do things like have an Armor, Speed, Deflection, or a Boost Strength power or powers tied to it? Because with the concentration-based thing, it seems he could cast all his spells on himself in the morning, then be all buffed up all day. Even if he failed at a couple of them, the high stat would allow a high skill, and eventually they would all work, and he wouldn't need to worry about concentration for the rest of the time.

*looks around, pockets the money from Reemos, whistles*


Yes, Martial Powers are tied to any stat. Now keep in mind, some spells have tentative durations. For example, some abilities, cast and forget (well, with the concentration penalty), others cast and have a few round duration and become increasingly harder to maintain, these are also more powerful abilities.

The big thing is also the balancing of power gaming, I will not allow someone to remain buffed at all times. Inside of hostile situations, sure, I can see a fighter type keeping armor up. But I am intentionally making sure they are not treated like DNDs Eternal Wand tricks are.

The big thing about martial powers is that it gives semi-magic to a non-magic user. Special attacks, enhancements etc. You probably wont be unleashing massive pillars of fire from the sky like a mage, but nothing says you cannot whirlwind flame around you on a sword strike for example.

I did promise I'd play Scy. Gonna go read up. I' telling you though that our router died so I'm gonna have limited connection for the next few days.

Hm. I understand from the rules section that you want to work on spells with us; is there a way you could provide a tentative list of the sort of thing we are likely to be able to do? I'm not sure what sort of character I would want, without knowing what sort of techniques are really available. I have the book, but it sounds like you are intending on balancing the powers individually, apart from the novice/seasoned/veteran thing?

I mean, if you want to have a non-magic user that can use a whirlwind flame around him, but can't unleash massive pillars of fire, or even sustain his defensive magics for when needed, why not just say non-magic users can take the advantage, use spirit or smarts, and be magic users like everyone else, that just don't specialize in magic?

The main difference with the Stances seems to me to allow them to select a stat other than those two, so they can pump their magic up massively, and even be better mages than the mages. Why wouldn't someone make a fighter who can also use massive spells with his massive strength, if a mage can use massive spells with his massive intellect? What are the limits you intend to use to balance this?

I mean, I like the idea. But it seems like it could work if the balancing factor is that they can't tie it to their combat stats, like agility or strength. Perhaps making arcane edges not background edges, so a martial character could get, say, Arcane Background (magic) later in the game, rather than doing the whole Martial Power thing?

I don't know. I guess it would just help me see how you intended it to be used if I could see some examples of the powers, and how they would be limited, in comparison to the spells a traditional magic user would use.

The ranks still have impact, but it is more open ended than usual.There are reasons for why martial power exists and magic exists. You can specialize in magic, of that, theres no problem, and in fact have both. But put it into perspective, Martial Powers work for any stat, and have power behind them. Magic on the other hand is spirit and smarts and greatly exceeds in potential.

You are looking a bit too linear on the set up, think of it in DND terms. Martial Powers = Tome of Battle, Spellcasting = Spell Compendium.

Sure you can do some similar, and cool things on both but what Spellcasting can get at novice/seasoned, may at times be only obtainable at veteran/heroic ranks for Martial Powers.

Smite for example can be applied to both, Damage Field on the otherhand will go to spellcasters first before it goes to Martials. So forth and so on, but another way to look at it is that I am throwing the power section out of the window for this game. Spellcasters can DRASTICALLY impact the game at legendary level.

Legendary - Martial Powers are incredible swordsman with some nice techniques and can generally kick some ass. Mages can create volcanos :P


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