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Borderlands - Now with more WUB WUB

Borderlands - Now with more WUB WUB

So like bazillions of people, I got Borderlands 2 on opening day. I've been playing off and on since then (not nearly as much as I would like to) and was just wondering how everyone else was enjoying the game. This thread could be place to ask questions, share stories, give hints, etc. etc. I've been playing as the Commando and so far i love the game. I have no major qualms so far and it simply is a better retooled version of the original borderlands.

You know, I was looking at the forums from my phone, and it showed "Borderlands, now with more..." and I mentally filled in "keeps".

That being said, I have a friend who wants to get a 4-pack when it goes on sale, so, how is the multiplayer?

Multiplayer is awesome, they've actually set it up so that it's harder the more people you have, but you gain more experience, and receive rarer items. I play with my wife all the time, but if you can find two other people with complimenting classes the game is raucous and fun.

I have it on my computer.

Will probably play it tonight. Mechromancer sounds pretty cool, or otherwise commando.

I am playing with my husband and love it. We haven't tried online multiplayer yet but having the option is nice. Using the siren's levitation abilities in conjunction with a heavy hitter is fun.

Agreed. My wife played the Siren in the first game, but decided to try Assassin this time. I chose the commando so, I'll pop a turret and let it draw the attention, I'll fire from the side and she'll sneak up and slice 'em up from behind.

Tons of fun.

Kerim, the mechromancer sounds AWESOME, but unfortunately doesn't come out for a few weeks.

Aww... Well, I'll try the commando until then, then. Didn't touch the soldier in the first game, due to the fact most people took him, but in this game I'd like to see the skill tree effect on the turret.

Yeah in the first game the commando became pretty "invincible" after you reached the cap. Your turret could heal you, resupply you, and with the right class mod you would never have to worry about ammo. They took alot of those perks away from the commando this time around.

Never managed to reach it :P

Siren is also pretty beastly with the right build.


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