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Borderlands - Now with more WUB WUB

Just started the game. If I don't return to here in 48 hours, you might want to call to see if I'm still alive :P

I'd be playing this now, but I recently got more memory added to my computer (Planetside 2 was crashing on me a lot due to a memory leak - no idea if it's been plugged yet) but there were some problems. Worked fine for a while but then started crashing on me a lot on Sunday afternoon. Full-blown BSOD, too - didn't know Windows could still throw those up. Took it back in yesterday so hopefully in the next day or two I can get back to setting psycho midget's on fire.

Incidentally - anyone else hate having to fight Badass Nomads while playing on their own? I keep using up more grenades and pistol ammo than I'd like on them - found a fire pistol with a stupidly-huge magazine that shoots projectiles a bit like the Needler from Halo - hit the target and detonate a second later, no tracking projectiles like the Needler, though. Still, lets me damage them through the shield and it helped me bring down that bastard Dr Mercy (that gun he had was ridiculously painful).

Originally Posted by Kerim View Post
Just started the game. If I don't return to here in 48 hours, you might want to call to see if I'm still alive :P
We will be on stand by, friend.

Shadow, while I haven't had the technical issues because I play on the Xbox but I will say there were a lot of "badass" level characters early on the game. I was playing with my wife but I still had a hard time just emptying copious amounts of ammo into them

Explosive weapons let you do damage through their shields. They're not so bad after that.

Yeah, didn't have any explosive weapons on me when I first found Dr Mercy. Even with that fire pistol and several levels above the quest's I still had trouble (like I said, his gun does a lot of damage). The normal Badass Nomads aren't too much trouble now - sticky shock grenade to the shield then a whole lot of fire needles in the crotch. Just a pain since my main weapon's a revolver (can't remember the specifics of it) and it takes so much ammo from the fire pistol to bring one down. That and I haven't bought any Grenade SDUs from Earl.

I like it so far. Shotguns are awesome early in game (As everyone wants to come up close to melee you)

I'm definitely loving the Explosive shotguns, the bullets move slower, so it's kinda hard to track your target at first, but you get over it.

Only level 3, so no explosive shotguns for me yet.

So far fire, with a high elemental chance has made me just about unstoppable with both the siren (lvl 8) and assassin (lvl 10) classes I am playing. If they don't have shields, they bbq quite nicely

Has anyone used the Slag weapons? I haven't found one yet, but they seem pretty interesting.

Definitely love the fire weapons though, very fun frying bandits!


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