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Borderlands - Now with more WUB WUB

I play Solo mainly because for a reason (Yar, hohoho and a bottle of rum) I can't play online.

Well we definitely work different schedules.. but.. uhmm.. ya know.. not asking you on a date or anything.. but.. uhmm.. ya know.. if you wanted to PM me your gamertag maybe we could catch a game together if we cross paths.. but ya know.. uhmm only if you want to.. *nervous laughter*

Wow. Marriage really makes guy suck at asking people out :P

Is the Cunning Assassin tree actually EFFECTIVE and FUN? Haven't got very far yet, but I'm hoping for Twinfang. Since Snipers are boring and the melee isn't really effective against bosses like Crawmerax. Tried Shotgun/melee Hunter on the first game, it was fun unless I'm facing targets that require crapton of long range damage, in which my Hyperion Crimson Death runs out of ammo.

Otherwise, I'll just go with Soldier because Gemini.

Snipers aren't boring! Started a Zero character (Who, according to lore is actually zer0, and who I called z3r0), and it's great if you find out what the critical hit spots of enemies are.

Well my wife is playing the assassin and while she chooses her skills willy nilly (she is by no means a professional gamer or am I for that matter), she's actually very effective melee. Early game, lots of stuff charges you and tries to get up close, so for now, she's doing well in that aspect. However, I'm sure she does lack long range capabilities but she handles it well.

There are sites starting to pop up that are offering "THE BEST BUILDS" for various characters, but also ones that have a very specific person, you could try searching around.

Also for everyone who may or may not know, you can go here Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Tool and plan out your build or just see what is involved with each character. It helps alot.

I am currently very glad with my +50 melee damage sniper rifle. Shoot everything far away, and bash their head in if they get too close.

I currently have a 'zerker and an assassin.

My 'zerker is actually going down the tank tree (don't know the exact name so meh) and with some of the special shields I got later down the line I'm actually pretty hearty, not to mention "Fist Full of Pain" is a really awesome melee override when dealing with baddies like the "Badass Psychos". Due to my solo nature my weapon selection is kinda catawampus (currently using an explosive elemental shotgun (that does insane damage), a sniper rifle (I have like 3 I switch between), and an E-Tech repeater that behaves exactly like a needler (very useful against maniacal marauders), and I will often in "boss" situations pull out one of my rocket launchers, likely my Tediore (it's like having three rockets instead of two).

As for the assassin, I can't help but say he feels to me like what would happen if you took the best from The Hunter and The Siren from the first game. Deception (if you take the right tree) feels a lot like "Phase Walk" (to me at least). I'm currently loaded out with a revolver (with increased stability) and a sniper rifle with him. My focus is get the sniper shots at the ones you can, and let the others get close for the revolver goodness and the melees.

No, the Number is a mix between The hunter, the Siren, and brick, Sniping+phase walk(-ish)+melee.

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