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Borderlands - Now with more WUB WUB

Yeah, rocket launchers that fire off like rockets are how all of Tediore's rocket launchers work - there's one special one that supposed to bounce around a lot, causing an explosion with each impact, instead of just turning into a rocket.

Also, I think Salvador got all of the ammo regen class mods this time.

I've had it for ages, but finally got to start it on the weekend.

Siren -- Level 5 in the first little town (with the graveyard) went and collected the capacitor for the lift ... killed stuff around there as well

I played Lilith in BL, so thought I'd try Siren in BL2 -- at such a low level (and no skill tree yet) there is no comparison ...

Will review as I level ...


The Mechromancer skill tree got released yesterday, go CHECK IT OUT!

Gaige, The Mechromancer Skill Tree

... Okay, gearbox need to shoot themselves for the Name of the last ability of Little Big Trouble.

I'm playing through the game slow with my husband and rolling with a Lvl 9 Siren right now. I like her abilities and the buffs she gets in her skill tree. I haven't paid much attention to see where it differs from the other characters.

well you can always go to borderlands site and check out the online skill tree builder so you can map out any skills.

New Borderlands 2 DLC announced. Coming out October 16th. Check out the LINK!

Pirate Packed Borderlands 2 DLC

Resurrecting, but whatever. To those who bought the Gaige DLC, I got a question:
What works with Close Enough best? Two Fer One Maggie or Trick Shot Maggie? (Not so sure if it double bounces)

Not sure friend, haven't had a chance to play with the mechromancer..

However, beat the new DLC, pretty awesome.

Sorry Secutor, only have played a Siren so far.

@atticusrex - I'm glad the DLC is awesome, I am just about done with my second play through of the base game. What 'difficulty' did you have it on when you beat it? And what level were the starting enemies?


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