[MUSTER CLOSED] PFS #4-02: In Wrath's Shadow - Repalcement Player

[MUSTER CLOSED] PFS #4-02: In Wrath's Shadow - Repalcement Player

Adventure Background
Real simple:

I am looking for a Level 2-5 PC to fill in for an AWOL character whose PC I am tired of NPCing in a Tier 3-4 adventure (Level 1's cannot play). The group is late in the first encounter in a dungeon crawl adventure.

A spellaster of any sort would help the party balance but is not required.

I'm running a pretty fast pace (>=1/day, with a break on weekends) with a fairly straightforward initiative system and expect players to keep up.

First come, first served.

The game threads are over here:

Yeah, I peeked around and didn't see any that were waiting in an open muster that I could poach. I'm unaware of any 2nd level characters sitting idle.

I'd have one, alchemist 2 or druid 3 - looks like looks like shadowhntr7 is already in, or?


Is that Oracle1/Sorc1?

Either would be welcome additions and would round out some holes this party has, as long as you can post 1/day-ish. Your choice.

I can dig out my oracle sorcerer, why not.

So on offer:
alchemist 2
druid 3


Put him/her in the Character Depository and we're good to go. For all the personality we've seen out of our MIA character, it could be we've just gotten the name wrong and you can jump right in once I get a chance to review the sheet etc.


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