[MUSTER CLOSED] PFS #4-02: In Wrath's Shadow - Repalcement Player

Just need to see his chronicle sheets and we're good to go. The wealth looks like its in the ballpark as long as that cloak of resistance is among your chronicle items (you'd need 9 fame to get it off the shelf).

Well, the good news is there will be plenty of bodies to block the frontlines. The other good news is I might not even need to use my Gravity Bow. We certainly have lots of damage dealing.

The cloak is from First steps series part 3.
Will get the chronicles up tomorrow (am at home, no scanner)

He's a decent bomber too so a good mix of talents.

Pete, when and if you're bombing, can you also figure out the splash weapon scatter stuff as needed, please?

Will do, the nice thing is splash weapon mastery, a miss can be adjusted, and I can get one extra square

Can you adjust back to the square you missed if you're within one range increment and the bomb was to be splashing next to the target?

Should still only be splash damage, and the target has to be huge - range increment is 20ft, so a miss go off quite far.

That makes sense now. Like I said, the class is new to me so be gentle. :-)

Luckily enough, your Faction Mission works perfectly with the retconned back story I proposed so that'll be it - you were providing security for another Society expedition that involved crossing the island by foot with a small team and ending at this expedition's camp. You will have just arrived in the camp when the rest of the group returns with the bodies and the wounded.

Feel free to read through the adventure log so far and thanks for saving my bacon.

Will read through it, about the mision, I guess it is still coming up for Kronk.

There were some rxtras for faction missions in year 4, how do these changes work?


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