Burn Legend: Are You Ready for the Beat Down?

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Burn Legend: Are You Ready for the Beat Down?

Burn Legend: Hidden Impact - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 4

After a lot of reading, some arguing with myself and a lot of procrastination, mtimefuntime finally decides to bring to the masses a game that's been in the works since before he came to the weave.

Okay, I'll stop talking in the third person now.

On to serious notes, this game will be played using the Burn Legend rules set from Shards of the Exalted Dream. Just a warning to those who are already thinking of what kind of Exalt they want and how bad they'll tear through anything as an Exalt allow me to be a bit of a buzz-kill (le-sigh). This game will begin with every character being a mortal. Yeah, I know it, it sucks, but if player interest really leans towards being Exalted, I will awaken your Exalted force after the initial story-arc.

The long-short is pretty basic in this game, you are a young man/woman (I would prefer college aged but with proper fluff I'm bound to accept anything) who for some reason or another has come to a local college campus to see about joining up for a MMA tournament known only as The Beat Down (yeah, yeah, I'm a big NBD fan, and I'm being a bit unoriginal here, but hey, the fun comes after the initial set-up).

I am looking primarily for fluff seeing as how this particular game is so mechanics-lite that a "well-built" character doesn't really matter one way or another. I am looking for intriguing and interesting characters who have anchored themselves into this world with their backstory and have provided a lot of fluff for events that don't revolve around this particular tournament.

Any questions feel free to drop them here and I will try my best to answer them! So give me goodies and let's see what happens!

Game Description:

Just at it would seem that the sun is to set on another lost day, along comes a chance to rip away the Chariot from Apollo and ride that motherf*cker right back across the sky.

Mixed Martial Arts competitions have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. Some might even think that one day it will replace most other martial arts competitions whole-sale.

You life wasn't too different from the normal youths of this age. You grew up with a family, dreams, desires, nothing out of the ordinary. Then one day something happened, an event that would shape you forever, maybe you were assaulted outside of a night club, maybe you have been learning to fight your whole life, maybe you lost an important match to a professional fighting career? Whichever your reason, you have found yourself here...and faced with the question of whether or not you have a taste for the savage science....

Well, do you?

Another life in the day of a modern Heathen. And life is good!
You know... This just may be the way to do it. I recently acquired an interest for Exalted and I think it may be fun to participate.

Hm... A concept: A shy girl... A fragile waif just out of higschool with more of an interest in a good book or a story then sports. But... She does have a talent for perceived prediction, a keen intellect, a savage beast in her chest that roars when adrenaline flows and a graceful flow of someone who has been practicing tai chi from the day she could walk.

Interesting possibilities Jade. I think we could make that work.

In threads with private tags. Then when all combatants in an exchanged have played their part I will make the reveal post. In case of PvE I will post the first tech private, and then you would post. After that is the reveal, then damage is rolled.

In PvP it will be the same, private tags set to me. In case of more, trained artist versus looks I will allow a bit more....freedom in your methods for the sake of the flavor.

I hope that answers your question.

Sounds like fun. I've been wanting to try out Exalted for a while. At the moment, I'm toying with the idea of a character who's been asked to carry on the family martial arts tradition by his estranged grandparents after they had a falling out with his parents.

Just at it would seem that the sun is to set on another lost day, along comes a chance to rip away the Chariot from Apollo and ride that motherf*cker right back across the sky.
You've been playing Saint's Row The Third recently, haven't you?

Tempted to make a character for this, but can't think of a concept at the moment. Might have something tomorrow that won't sound like a ripoff of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple.

found this after you joined the other Burn Legend currently open for app's. This sounds like fun. Will have an app ready around tomorrow.

Originally Posted by ShadowFighter15 View Post
You've been playing Saint's Row The Third recently, haven't you?
Actually, I haven't played that game in a long time, but I find the quote usable *nods*.

I look forward to any and all applications at this point, I was honestly worried that this game might actually go unnoticed.

Thanks for proving me wrong *thumbs up*


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