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Dream Weaver newbie says hello =)

Dream Weaver newbie says hello =)

Hello all,

I just registered and thought I would say hello. I am a long time gamer and have played a lot of different games, though mainly White wolf products. I do have some experience playing play by post, mostly in french forums.

I have been lurking on the forums for a while before deciding to register. There are quite a few differents types of games that could interest me : Any New World of darkness stuff (especially changeling the lost), dresden files or some cortex based games. There are also a few niches games (mostly diceless games) that would like to play or try like Amber or Nobilis.

Well, just wanted to say hello there. Hope to see you in the forums.



Welcome to the Weave. We thread myths here.

The WoD stuff is sadly lost on me, however we do have it here. I <3 Dresden Files, but have yet to find a game that I can stick with. Cortex Based stuff? O.O ~drools~ Oh, sorry.

Anyway, may your threads of myth bare you legends.

Hey Voxanadu,

Thanks for the reply and the wishes
I sure do hope for some legendary stuff here.

By the way, what kind of game are you playing/mastering here ? I am kind of checking interest

Also, I have seen that there are quite a few D&D games here (and pathfinder). I am curious as to how games with such complex rules need to be played to run smoothly on a forum based game.

Anyways, thanks for the reply and have tons of fun

Originally Posted by PhoenixStorm View Post
By the way, what kind of game are you playing/mastering here ? I am kind of checking interest
Mouse over the username > view public profile > games tab

Vox is a DnD 3.5 badass and general mastermind of story weaving. He's got a few pathfinder games as well I believe. As to the complex rules? You ALWAYS have to go into ANY DnD game prioritizing fun first. Legends don't always follow the rules, I say. Sometimes you skim them. Sometimes you ignore them. Sometimes you keep them running in the background. Mostly, good record keeping and you're set.

Thanks for the tip plugsy

Just had a look at some of the profile of you guys, you have a lot of games going on and boy you guys are playing a lot of games !

DaReaper95, that's good advice, I am just curious to how exactly it looks like on a forum based game which I've never tried or seen before (I did play some other games though as well as a couple free form games). Are there game which can be read by public member ?

Anyways, thanks both for the replies

Yes :3 I will add you as a reader to any of my games you'd like. Just post here or PM me about it. (I always keep up with the intro boards)

Thanks reaper it's much appreciated, I think I would like to be a reader on some of the games you're mastering, maybe put a few of your favorite games you're mastering should do the trick.

Well Lost Portfolio 20 (tried to change the name to something more appropriate but for whatever reason mods didn't approve it) has definately my most veteran players. Reapers Rookies has... just that. My Rookies. The Golden Plains is similar in that, and is just getting started. The CRI is a big mmo style game (my game in that is dieng a slow death of players dropping, but the other DM's have games running strong .) Finding a Champion isn't started yet. Just a bunch of DM's brainstorming. Powerful Couplings never got off the ground. We're gonna try it again later when the players wives/girlfriends say so (women control everything). Did I miss any?

Originally Posted by PhoenixStorm View Post
Are there game which can be read by public member ?
Most games have private stuff that you won't see without becoming a reader. There is a thread with some long running games listed that's stickied at the top of General discussion.


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