Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Dream Weaver newbie says hello =)

I would suggest you read Reapers Rookies, Phoenix, as it's young enough to be read through in an hour or two, but there is plenty going on, and nothing much hidden away in private threads.
Crossroads Inn sounds like a great game, but I got so overwhelmed when I looked at the forum that I haven't started reading it, yet...

Oh, almost forgot, again, Welcome Aboard!

Thanks for the info guys,

Reaper, if you're still ok with it, I would like reader status to Lost Portfolio 20 and Reapers Rookies. That would give me an idea on what I should expect for my first game (for the latter) and how legendary it can become (for the former, once I am more experienced).

Thanks Reaper and thanks for the posts guys.

NB :

I will probably try for a 3.5 or pathfinder game one of these days in addition to the games I am looking for


hey Xavien, thanks for the tip

I'll send invites when I get on the computer. Happy Weaving.

Hey PheonixStorm,

Keep an eye in the perhaps the next month or so. Once I get to see all the tools in action, I'll throw some ideas up on the planning thread to see which ideas get the most support from the community.

They would all mostly be 3.5. I welcome rookies, although I need to practice with toning down my hardcore-ness (my apologies to all of my past English professors).

Can't. I don't have one. The ocean already stole it!

~reaches into the ocean and pulls out Athakas's soul.~ Easily claim able.

~places it in the fridge with a note on it, that reads 'Vox's Don't Touch. Plan to eat later.'~

I just hope it doesn't go bad.

Vox! *rips soul out of freezer* You know I already let you break almost every rule in the book. I'm adamant on this one. NO soul eating. Its immoral. *flings soul into pit of despair*

~Soul screams as it flies into the Pit of Despair~
I can see my house from here! I'm coming home, Ma!


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