Star Wars: Edge of Empire??

Star Wars: Edge of Empire??

I just ordered a copy of the beta rules on Ebay. Anyone else have it yet interested in playing maybe? Or anyone else who doesn't have it who may be interested in playing with me or someone else walking you along?

I have a copy! I don't know if I necessarily want to play in a game just yet as it's so new and I would need time to absorb the rules. But maybe we can compare notes and discuss?

I saw the game at my FLGS, and while $30 is quite reasonable (and its a thick book), I was a little deterred at the BETA written on the cover. Though it was probably more that I was spending $40 on a supplement for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, a game no one plays because the buy in is steep. :P

I might still pick it up at some point. I was soured on Star Wars for personal reasons for years. But the Clone Wars series has brought back my interest so I might still get it at some point.

Got my copy yesterday and I'd definitely be interested in a game. Might even be willing to run the game myself after digging into it some more.

Will pick up a copy soon but would have to plow through the rules first.

I should be getting the book before this weekend. I'll have to give it a look over and then we can talk more.

How do you plan to handle the dice rolls on here?

There's a conversion chart in the book that allows you to roll normal d6/8/12 and then check what that translates to in the system.
Will obviously need some getting used to, but it's not as much of a hassle in a PbP game, I'd say.


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