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An Argument that Dragon Compendium is not " Dragon Magazine"

I would suggest getting back on topic. This discussion about specific feats can be taken to another thread if you guys wish to continue the debate.

Or willing pleas of ignorance, as the case may be.

Also keep in mind whatever the players can do, the DM's can do and often more when it comes to making NPC's and characters. That also helps tremendously with keeping players from getting a huge ego about their characters.

Nothing like a chamber with a gold dragon who doesn't care about treasure or have a treasure horde decorated with gems that have Mordikans Disjunction triggered when anyone of evil alignment attacks the dragon.

Yes please focuse back on the topic that was brought up, close to asking for a mod close if you keep on bickering.

One very slim thing I would like to say is, the only reason Dragon Comp should be legal, is tibbets, a flamethrower kitten is one of the cutest thing you will ever defeat a beholder with.

Tibbitts need to find their way into more games. I recently ran a tibbitt NPC in a game I was running.

lol nothing like a kitty breathing dragon fire.

The NPC I ran was a psychic rogue. I thought it was fitting


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