Middle Earth really let itself go...

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Middle Earth really let itself go...

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GURPS - Fantasy
Estimated Members Requested: 6

PCs will be a party of adventurers recruited by the High Council. Can I please have at least three players this time? Please?

Will posting a picture of a kitten help? A baby seal maybe?

Anyway, point total is 150 (disadv. limit 50), and we'll be running with the Basic Set, GURPS Magic, and Mass Combat if the need arises. No Low-Tech, sorry.

I think part of the reason I get so little participation in these games is that few people know GURPS. Well, the cool thing about GURPS is, you can download a super-condensed version of the rules here (just add it to your cart and checkout as if you were going to buy something, the site will notice you're only buying free things and not ask you for payment info). You'll need my help actually creating a character, but I'm more than willing to provide.

Anyway, post-apocalyptic generic fantasy. You'll be on a task to investigate rumors that the insane wizard (of the coast) Glyiglax is still alive, and trying to finish the job.


Hi, I'm Schilcote. I've had a recent rash of games failing or even just being stillborn, but before then I was a pretty dependable GM. You can usually count on me for at least a turn a day, though sometimes things interfere with that. I'm also somewhat funny, and awfully creative when the need arises. Go ahead, don't be shy, sign up! You'll be glad you did.

Game Description:

Entlaria was... well, it was your basic generic Middle Earth rip off.

Then the evil wizard Glyiglax ruined everything.

The elves were almost entirely wiped out, leaving barely enough population for the species to sustain itself. The dwarves shut themselves up in their mountainhomes, never to be heard from again except for the occasional outcast.

And man... man survived.

Campaign Stats:

TL: 2 (Iron Age: 600 BC)
Starting Wealth: $750
Available Points: 150
Genre: Generic Fantasy/Post-Apocalyptic

Background Info:

25 years ago at the beginning of the game, an insane wizard by the name of Glyiglax cast a spell of ultimate destruction. It caused all non-living food to instantly rot, much of Entlaria's soil to become infertile, and immediately killed much of the world's population (especially elves, who had a natural susceptibility to magic).

The Dwarves, once frequent trading partners of man, were never heard from again, shutting themselves in their underground caves. The elves no longer have the numbers to maintain their population.

But man survived. Tribal communities dot the landscape, subsisting on what little will grow in the magically salted soil. Near the center of the known world, a great human civilization exists- the Endarchy of Phitopia. The Endarchy is run by a central council of four elders, who indirectly control the entire government. Their orders are carried out by concentric rings of increasingly less powerful and more specific government employees. An order to increase the price of bread may come from the High Council, then be passed to the under-councillors, then passed to the eight regional leaders, then passed to each police barracks in each region, and finally to the bakers, by means of the police.

The High Council has been known to seek out daring adventurers for important, dangerous tasks.

Character Templates can be found in this handy-dandy .RTF:


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Wow, I skip a few days of checking the board and this really zooms! I've been dying to play something in this setting, though with a tiny race. It sounds like by-and-large you want everyone to stick to human. I'll go ahead and post a template and a little blurb, and you can shoot it down or not, in the former case I'll start thinking about a human character concept.

Minish are small mammals that perhaps most resemble diminutive sasquatches. They have thick fur in shades from black or brown to white, though they rarely have blonde fur. They are agile and intelligent, and considered a nuisance or a pest. Their small size and bipedal build makes them much slower than pretty much any wild animal appropriately sized to hunt them (dogs and cats have move 10, and even falcons have move 2 on land), and consequently they evolved very early to live near civilizations of other larger beings where they would have fewer natural predators. However, this has led many people to feel like they are pests. And like most small scavengers, their eating habits don't discourage people's feelings about them. They can get by on the smallest amounts of the most spoiled foods. However, due to their small size and rapid heart rate, they are very vulnerable to poison. Some have preferred to leave poisonous snakes alive when found in hopes that it will reduce the risk of a Minish infestation. The wealthy occasionally even poison food they throw out. For all they are loathed, there is little reason. They are not known to carry diseases and generally don't meddle in the affairs of large folk, aside from borrowing the occasional small tool or food, they are of entirely no consequence. Most consider them unintelligent, though they have been observed on occasion to use magic.

They live in clans, mostly made up of a large extended family, with the oldest member of the family frequently serving as the leader of the clan. They value honor, patience, safety and a good puzzle to think about. In general they are not vengeful, but can sometimes carry a grudge. They are very loyal to their clans and friends. Magic is about as common among minish as it is among humans.

Minish [-4 or 6]
SM -6 [0] (about 7 inches or 18 cm tall)
Decreased Strength 9 [-90]
Increased Dexterity 3 [60]
Increased Basic Speed 0.75 [15]
Decreased Move 5 [-25]
Short Lifespan 2 [-20]
Social Stigma (Vermin) [-15] or Social Stigma (Criminal) [-5]
Vulnerability (Common: Poison, x2) [-30]
Reduced Consumption 4 (Cast Iron Stomach -50%) [4]
Fearlessness 1 [2]
Danger Sense [15]
Telekinesis 3 [15]
Increased Intelligence [20]
Enhanced Time Sense [45]
Fur [1]

The social stigma depends on how loathed they are in the world.
(i) Vermin means people regard them as creepy and disgusting. Everyone reacts at -2, and won't want to touch them, and will not be happy about being touched by them. Squeamish people react even more poorly. Anyone might sometimes try to kill them on sight, and only people with extreme charity (typically children) would ever think to protect them.
(ii) Criminal stigma means people regard them as trouble makers and born thieves.

Let me know if this race is approved, and which stigma would be most appropriate if so.

As far as character ideas with it, I'd probably crank up TK enough to not be utterly useless, and would generally fill a roguish/scout roll.


See, I'm not really enamored with the idea, but it looks like you put a lot of work into it...

Not at all a problem. I'll work on a human. The race has been in the works because I want to play something tiny at some point. Any pointers on improvements for it?

Shotgun-wielding Dwarf position is still open.

Also, I'd suggest making it something like the Nac McFeegle. Give it a high-cost Ally group, it's clan-members, who it can team up with to, say, move large objects.

Also make it Glaswegian.

Brilliant! I'm not that far in the discworld series (Alas, I discovered it late in life), but I love discworld (my username is taken from "goat that is this goat"). I'll look into it some more, as I've definitely been looking for a diminutive race to base them on that isn't david the gnome.

As for the ally group, that would be appropriate I think for a racial template. Though any character I'd make with them would have left a clan for some reason or another to adventure (so ally would have low frequency of appearance, if present at all). Hence the raising the TK above the racial 3. Though I hadn't thought about what a large clan of them could do together even with just their TK 3. With a good 50 of them they could probably take a person down in a second or two. Thats a bit of a scary thought, I'll need to think through that some more.

Anyway, once you and Nirruden have posted sheets I'll start the game.

Would the following template for a Blighted Wood Creature be acceptable/appropriate?

I include "Radiation Tolerance" in the template because I'm guessing that the residual energies of Glyiglax's spell will result in something like radiation poisoning. Since that's the very thing that resulted in the scarecrow's animation, it seems reasonable that he'd tolerate them more than ordinary living creatures would.

I'd be intending to attempt to overcome some of the character limitations (like muteness) with Psi abilities, although they'd be magical in their source (i.e., derived from the poisonous residue--blight--of Glyiglax's spell) rather than .

Not that it is remotely my place to say so, but I don't think you need injury tolerance (homogeneous) and injury tolerance (unliving). My source for inspiration last time I made an animated wooden character was the body of wood template on page 165 of magic, which only has homogeneous. You might also want to throw on High Pain Threshold from B59, since it doesn't come included with numb, but seems very fitting.

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