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Embed YouTube videos?

Embed YouTube videos?

Hi guys, back with another question/suggestion.
Have you considered adding the ability to embed YouTube videos directly into posts? It would definitely be useful for optional background music, or describing something visually without forcing people to open a new tab, potentially getting lost off-site amongst the YouPoop.

I've considered it in the past, but have always come back with, "nah". The recent trend of people posting images (or image macros) as though they're responses makes me even more wary. As little flash as possible on pages is best, and you can always link the video.

OK thanks anyway.
Just so you know (I'm not trying to argue) my GM says no to links.
Originally Posted by DaReaper95 View Post
No to video links. I want to be able to simply click the spoiler and see what I need. Pictures are fine. Animated pictures are fine. Video clips that you can figure out how to run in the spoiler bar are fine (if that's even possible) but I don't want to have to open up a new tab just to view something in the thread. Sorry.
Thanks for the detailed answer Rigo. I definitely agree it might cause some people to be more lazy, but I feel that's not something that should be governed. jmho
I'm off to find a modern GIF creating app as a workaround

Originally Posted by Xaviien View Post
I'm off to find a modern GIF creating app as a workaround
Link me if you find a good one.

Wow. I like living in the age of technology.
So I'm not going to recommend one, but you can find lots here , including some that allow you to create gifs just using links to online images.
Once I try a few out I'll let you know which one I choose, but I think they'll all do the trick, if you have regular sized images for each frame.

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