Pith helmeted jungle explorers wanted!

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Pith helmeted jungle explorers wanted!

Settlers of Mwangi - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
Estimated Members Requested: 4

We're looking for four good leaders for an expedition into the darkest jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. A game of deadly danger, exploration, and survival

1st level Pathfinder, any of the standard classes or races. Experienced 3.5 or Pathfinder players only, please.

Game Description:

Lantern was a nice place once, many years ago. The rich soil of the rolling hills, the dense stands of fir and beech trees, grasslands for sheep and cattle, an idyllic place for simple folk. Things have changed in the last few generations however. The forests have been felled and milled and sold, the rolling hills are fallow wastes of over-farmed earth more sand than dirt, and the grasslands are dry and parched places where no sane creature would dwell. The last of Lantern's people have gathered their meager resources and purchased what may be their last hope. Two hundred settlers, headed by a council of the wisest, strongest, bravest or just the most cocksure, have loaded onto galleys and are making their way to the great Mwangi Expanse. A trade company called the Corvid Consortium owns thousands of miles of unexplored jungle and was willing to part with a few parcels of land in exchange for taxation and millage rights. The colonists are arriving in the port city of Bloodcove and must make their way up the Vanji River through the Rechiends Plains to the deep jungle in the heart of the Expanse.

The party are the best of the community, the brawlers, the thinkers, the planners, and it's their job to ensure the livelihood of the colonist by forging a community out of the untamed wilderness of the jungle. They must find food, build shelters, interact with the local tribes, and eventually make this new home a prosperous and healthy place.

Members Needed 4: Starting at 1st level, any standard race or class (including Advanced Player Guide). I'm looking for heroes, evil bastards need not apply.

“If complete and utter chaos was lightning, then he'd be the sort to stand on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armor and shouting 'All gods are bastards!” ― Terry Pratchett

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Possibly interested.

May I ask whether you're bothering with the local language of Polyglot or just using Common?

Um, what creation rules? Do we roll or point buy or what?

What kind of background and degree of description are you looking for, long and involved or short and to the point?

Also, when is the deadline?

Common, I may throw in some of the local language for flavor.

4d6 take out the lowest, reroll 1's. I hate crappy stat blocks as a player so I like to avoid them as a GM

I like good back stories, so be as descriptive as you'd like

I haven't set a deadline, basically when I have four players I'll close enrollment.

Where do you want us to roll? I think that it is not possible to roll stats or anything in a recruiting thread.

What proportion of encounters or goals does this game have, with regards to combat, roleplaying, puzzle-solving, etc.? And am I right in guessing this is a little like the Kingmaker adventure path, where you're supposed to build a community in the wilderness?

I never played Kingmaker much, by the way. Our DM up and disappeared after the first encounter.

No strangers allowed in this game, right? We all have to be part of Lantern from the start, and thus we know each other well?

I'm not a suspicious person by nature, roll your stats in real life or on the dice roller of your choice then tell me. If you've got 18's across the board I might make you reroll but otherwise I trust people

I tend to run games off the cuff, I want primarily a role playing game, combat will factor in but I've never been much for puzzles.

I've never played or read Kingmaker, I was just reading the Mwangi Expanse source book and this idea came to me. Yes, though, you'll start out with a limited amount of supplies and a specific number of people. You'll need to shelter, feed, and protect them from the dangers of the jungle. They'll be useful in NPC ways, carpenters, cooks, foragers, maybe even a few guards but otherwise the party will be the ones responsible for their well being. Depending on how people go about things you may end up at war with one tribe or another, you may gain allies with the tribes instead, it all comes down to how you interact with them on first contact. The settlement will be a few days hike from the nearest civilization so the party and the settlers will be one their own.

You have to have been from Lantern, grew up there and have family and friend ties there, otherwise, what your character did in the mean time doesn't matter too much. If you want your character to have spent time somewhere else, picked up some exotic knowledge or fighting style, no problem. I'm not trying to limit people too much, but the story works best with everyone from the same place. I'm thinking Lantern is somewhere much further north, maybe in Virisia.

What (s)he meant was: You cant roll dice in the Ad thread, so are you willing to throw up a die rolling thread. o.O
I however, have not problems with rolling in real life though.

Interesting view on rolls. I truly hope your trust is not misplaced.

Two traits, I presume? It's been two traits in every PF game I've played, but you might have different preferences.

You mentioned sorcerers in the game subforum. May I ask if you feel any sorcerer bloodlines are particularly appropriate or inappropriate?

Would you permit a cleric to worship an evil god such as Asmodeus so long as the cleric was Lawful Neutral?

I feel it's interesting, by the way, that a town from a seaside community to the north is trying to colonize a tropical jungle. Challenging proposition.

Oh, I know: Is the parcel of land and/or the land the party is traveling through all landlocked, or is it near the ocean? What about lakes and rivers?

Are psionics allowed? (Psionics Unleasher and Psionics Expanded) ??

edit. Song gets Seal of Approval!


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