Kundalini ("Dark Times" Epic Game)

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Kundalini ("Dark Times" Epic Game)

Star Wars Saga - Force Unleashed
Ad Closes: Oct 20 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 8

Star Wars: Kundalini begins on Yavin-4, where our heroes have gathered at the Lost City of the Jedi. There, the Jedi Remnants prepare a daunting journey to the Unknown Regions. Qon Pilat, Master of the Hidden Order, has enlisted a band of (mostly) Force-sensitive pirates called the Spiral Corsairs to help them reach their destination. Envoys from their flagship, the Hapan Battle Dragon "Spiral Dancer", have landed in the city where they will meet the Jedi and their allies to discuss the journey.

All the while, an ominous score plays in the moon's orbit...

UPDATE! The game is looking for 6-8 players and applications are wrapping up on the 15th.

Game Master(s): Doten, Blakkmonk

Gameplay: 40% Roleplay 60% Mechanics (But honestly, expect this to be a bit more fluid and alot of RP to take place in between active episodes)

Everyone will be expected to post once a week minimum to stay in the game, but we will decide the pace of actual gameplay posting as a community; once players are chosen.

Mood: T'is an era rich with the Dark Side and expect a healthy dose of grit. The in-game effect is that Dark Side Points will be harder to get rid of, once accumulated.

Character Creation: All materials may be considered, so long as they are era - appropriate. Keep in mind the xenophobia of the Dark Times. Starting CL will be 4 & hold off on the character sheets until after the application process. You will begin play as a Jedi, ally of the Hidden Order, or a Spiral Corsair (more info on these choices below).

Restrictions: There will be a maximum of three Jedi "padawans" in this campaign (I.e. characters with actual classes in Jedi or lightsaber proficiency), though Force sensitives from other traditions are welcome, Spiral Corsairs and non-Force classes are encouraged! There will be a lot of incentive and action for the latter, so don't be discouraged by those overabundant Jedi.

Application (posted here) should include...

Name, Age, Class, Race, Personality, Appearance, & Background. Quality is valued over quantity!

If you have any questions feel free to ask or PM.

Game Description:


- The year is 9 BBY -

Dark times are upon us, friend. The Emperor has taken control of the galaxy, swiftly annihilating any opposition with the help of his right hand and iron fist, Darth Vader. In this era, the Jedi have been destroyed. Pan-galactic testing has begun under the thumb of the relentless Imperial Security Bureau, rooting out Force sensitives for capture and elimination. And having seen the consequences of rebelling, worlds-over are bending knee to the Empire.

Even still, hope lingers like a stubborn flame... On Yavin-4, a Knight and his allies breathe life into a dead Order. Hidden below the Moon's surface, the Lost City of the Jedi has become a refuge for the next generation. This is where your adventure begins.

*SW:KUN is intended to be a long campaign. And though it may technically be an abridged universe, I hope to steer this space opera alongside the canon. Everything before 9 BBY is considered static. Happy gaming-

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Does the C0-GM get to play too or just help run? As in does he/she get to run a character in the game?

Color me interested in both sides. I have an idea for a Jedi and I have the time to help you co-gm. PM me and let me know.

where do you want your apps at?

I'd like to keep character applications in this thread, with character sheets post-approval being posted in the actual Game Forum.

Glad there is interest! Anyone wanting to Co-GM let me know, I would certainly take on two.

I am going to pass. Good luck with your game.

Originally Posted by Blakkmonk View Post
Place holding for the app
What he said - this sounds like it would be great and I've got an idea for a padawan

Looking at doing a NON-Jar-Jar Gungan padawan - gunning for lightsaber mastery.

Including the Game System in an ad title is unnecessary; that's what we have those nifty system handles for.

Including [Recruitment], [Looking for Players] et al. in game ads is kind of redundant; an ad's sole purpose is recruiting players, after all

Title changed accordingly.


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