Kundalini ("Dark Times" Epic Game)

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Kundalini ("Dark Times" Epic Game)

Star Wars Saga - Force Unleashed
Ad Closes: Oct 20 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 8

Star Wars: Kundalini begins on Yavin-4, where our heroes have gathered at the Lost City of the Jedi. There, the Jedi Remnants prepare a daunting journey to the Unknown Regions. Qon Pilat, Master of the Hidden Order, has enlisted a band of (mostly) Force-sensitive pirates called the Spiral Corsairs to help them reach their destination. Envoys from their flagship, the Hapan Battle Dragon "Spiral Dancer", have landed in the city where they will meet the Jedi and their allies to discuss the journey.

All the while, an ominous score plays in the moon's orbit...

UPDATE! The game is looking for 6-8 players and applications are wrapping up on the 15th.

Game Master(s): Doten, Blakkmonk

Gameplay: 40% Roleplay 60% Mechanics (But honestly, expect this to be a bit more fluid and alot of RP to take place in between active episodes)

Everyone will be expected to post once a week minimum to stay in the game, but we will decide the pace of actual gameplay posting as a community; once players are chosen.

Mood: T'is an era rich with the Dark Side and expect a healthy dose of grit. The in-game effect is that Dark Side Points will be harder to get rid of, once accumulated.

Character Creation: All materials may be considered, so long as they are era - appropriate. Keep in mind the xenophobia of the Dark Times. Starting CL will be 4 & hold off on the character sheets until after the application process. You will begin play as a Jedi, ally of the Hidden Order, or a Spiral Corsair (more info on these choices below).

Restrictions: There will be a maximum of three Jedi "padawans" in this campaign (I.e. characters with actual classes in Jedi or lightsaber proficiency), though Force sensitives from other traditions are welcome, Spiral Corsairs and non-Force classes are encouraged! There will be a lot of incentive and action for the latter, so don't be discouraged by those overabundant Jedi.

Application (posted here) should include...

Name, Age, Class, Race, Personality, Appearance, & Background. Quality is valued over quantity!

If you have any questions feel free to ask or PM.

Game Description:


- The year is 9 BBY -

Dark times are upon us, friend. The Emperor has taken control of the galaxy, swiftly annihilating any opposition with the help of his right hand and iron fist, Darth Vader. In this era, the Jedi have been destroyed. Pan-galactic testing has begun under the thumb of the relentless Imperial Security Bureau, rooting out Force sensitives for capture and elimination. And having seen the consequences of rebelling, worlds-over are bending knee to the Empire.

Even still, hope lingers like a stubborn flame... On Yavin-4, a Knight and his allies breathe life into a dead Order. Hidden below the Moon's surface, the Lost City of the Jedi has become a refuge for the next generation. This is where your adventure begins.

*SW:KUN is intended to be a long campaign. And though it may technically be an abridged universe, I hope to steer this space opera alongside the canon. Everything before 9 BBY is considered static. Happy gaming-

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I got an nice idea for padawan aswell.
If you need more, please dont hesitate to ask... I have clear image of the padawan... a flare of teenager, small bit of wise-beyond-her-years, and part lightsaber duelist.. thats what the little padawans are made of..

A question. It's the dark times so darker things happen. If anything, shouldn't dark side points be harder to accrue and harder to get rid of instead of easy to accrue and hard to get rid of?

Thanks, Whisper!

@Raven: A good point and either would make sense in this context. The dark side is strong in 9 BBY. Players are easily drawn to it and more compelled to embrace it, as it has become the brutal norm. And it would be safe to say that the average Dark Side Point Total would be higher, per/NPC to reflect the mood.

EDIT: I'd also like to see non-Force Sensitives, as there will be many incentives and opportunities for you to shine built into the game!

Hello, glad to find your ad. Always enjoyed Star Wars but never got to play in it. A bit new to both this site and PBP but otherwise gamed fot years - DnD and WoD mostly.
Youve mentioned non-force-sensitive characters - so here's one. He's based on an obscure Star Wars character Ive just dug up looking for an inspiration. Here's a link to the wookie page I used starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gage .
I've added a bit at the end but most of it surprisingly fitted with my own concept, ex-Imperial military turned Space Pirate.

Name: Amminius Gage,

Class: Soldier

Race: Human

Personality: Egocentric and self-pitying. Came to despise his cowardess and lazyness, which got him in so much trouble during his service in the Imperial military. Poses as a fearless cutthroat in front of his new pirate buddies, but deep down is worried that he hasnt changed all that much.

Appearance: The link has a picture.

Background: Gage came from a wealthy family and it's connections put him on the fast track to command in the Imperial Miltary. Despite his high rank, Gage was a poor officer, preferring to let his background advance him through the ranks of the army. He was lazy and refused to get his hands dirty, and even in times of crisis, he was more concerned with getting a promotion than the well being of his unit.
When Gage was put in charge of The Imperial defense on Maridun, it was threatened several times by his poor tactical skills. During the final melee with the Amanin warriors, Gage abandoned his greatly outnumbered comrades, and he survived the battle only through cowardice.
Though he was able to talk his way out of being punished by framing other officers he feared that his ruse wont hold out for long and fled as soon and far as he could afford. When he ran out of credits, Gage started doing jobs of dubious nature and soon found himself amongst the crew of the Spiral Dancer - corsair flagship heading straight for Yavin 4.

Definitely looking to participate, mainly as a player due to my current commitments, I'm interested in playing an apprentice archivist who desperate to preserve the knowledge she's salvaged or a force sensitive guard from an agriworld who wants to continue to protect those remaining Jedi that he himself was never accepted into the ranks of.


In the end I actually decided on offering up three characters, one padawan, one Jedi ally and one Spiral Corsair, I've left the backgrounds to just a short summary for each because I like to flesh it out through roleplay and character development, but with that said here we go with the first, a padawan with an obsession with knowledge...

Name: Ahbii-Gael Corrs
Age: 19
Class: Noble/Jedi
Race: Human
Personality: Ahbii-Gael is considered by others to be an overly talkative sort, forever going on about her most recent findings or acquisitions, seemingly oblivious to the feelings of those around her. It's not uncommon for her to spend more time studying the history and cultures of the galaxy than dealing with the more pressing threats to her own safety, although surprisingly she's managed to use the knowledge she'd gained to save her life every time her academic interests have gotten her into trouble. She tends not to rely on her lightsaber or her force powers too much, to her they only make her a bigger target to the Empire and those who would sell her over to them, instead she prefers to hide what she is and talk her way out of most situations.
Appearance: Ahbii-Gael stands at 5'2" tall with fair skin, chocolate brown eyes and auburn hair, she is at a healthy weight with well toned muscles despite their lack of overall strength. She wears a grey hooded Jedi robe, with a dark grey overtunic and undertunic over a black flexible skintight bodysuit. Ahbii-Gael also wears a light grey utility belt on which her orange-bladed training lightsaber is placed so not to draw attention to it, and often carries a courier bag filled with her latest findings.
Background: Ahbii-Gael comes from a long line of Jedi archivists and it is rumoured that her family maintain a secret repository of galactic lore, it was this reputation that saw the young girl presented with the opportunity to work in the temple archives and learn what was required to ensure it serve the Jedi for generations to come. During the attack on the temple by Anakin Skywalker the head archivist gave her the task of escaping with some of the temple's more important records, a task which she took to heart relying on every skill she'd learnt to survive long enough the find sanctuary from Order 66 and ensure the records were safe. Since then she found a place in the Hidden Order, finally undertaking the padawan training that she had missed due to her commitments to the temple library and hopes that she can one day teach a new generation of Jedi all that she has learnt.


Here's the second application, a failed padawan who serves as a protector to other force users, first on the agriworlds and now with the Hidden Order...

Name: Martheas Tritton
Age: 27
Class: Soldier
Race: Human
Personality: Martheas is a proud soldier, duty and honour bound, willing to sacrifice his life for those padawans and force sensitives under his care, but he is not without the regret that he never rose to the position of a Jedi Knight himself and for that he finds himself abruptly short with and bitter towards the remaining seasoned Jedi, especially since the fall of the Jedi Order and the Republic it served. In part he feels that had he been a Jedi himself he may have foreseen the treachery that the other Knights and Masters could not, always having had an aptitude for reading the true intentions of others. He is content with his current standing however and makes great effort to help where he can.
Appearance: Martheas measures in at 6'5" with skin tanned by long hours of patrolling and other outdoors duties, his hair a dark brown and cut short over his hazel eyes. He still wears the agriworld guard uniforms issued to him by the Jedi Order with pride and additionally wears a backpack, along with a number of belts and holsters, with which his carries everything he could conceivably need to fulfil his duties.
Background: Martheas belongs to a large extended family of force users who's history dates back thousands of years and he like many before him was taken to be trained as a Jedi. Also like many of his family before him he was ultimately found unsuitable as a padawan learner and transferred to an agriworld, although the specifics as to why he failed still remain unknown to him. His martial prowess, physical stature and sense of order saw him undertake additional training to serve as a guardian to his local community and despite his sense of failure as a padawan he soon assumed the new rule with pride and dedication. At the conclusion of the clone wars and the Jedi's betrayal Martheas and a number of force sensitives arranged to escape the world they'd called home in an effort the spare themselves from the wrath of the self appointed Emperor, and he and a slowly dwindling number of fellow agriworlders have been on the run ever since, having only recently found safe haven with the Hidden Order a few years ago.


Name: Kalail
Age: 19
Class: Jedi Guardian
Race: Human
Personality: Kalail tends to be protective over his friends. He's a bit quiet. He believes the only way the galaxy can be taken back is with a lightsaber. He struggles with impulsiveness and reacting too quickly.


Background: Kalail was a good kid growing up in the Jedi academy, until Order 66 killed most of his friends. Kalail escaped andwas then brought to the hidden Jedi temple under Yavin 4, and has struggled with wanting revenge and calming himself. After much tutelage he settled into a calm demeanor knowing that he was on the light side, and the force will give him a way to free the galaxy.

He has gone on a few missions into Empire territory and has grown accustomed to wearing a piece of cloth over his face to hide his identity. He always has his lightsaber close at hand.

Of course anything in his background can be changed if it doesn't fit.
I also left it kind of short due to the fact I like to develop my character in game.

If the interest in the game is only moderate, I think we can safely make the group 6 people, with 2-3 characters with Jedi classes. Also Blakkmonk will be your co-GM


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