Kundalini ("Dark Times" Epic Game)

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Kundalini ("Dark Times" Epic Game)

Star Wars Saga - Force Unleashed
Ad Closes: Oct 20 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 8

Star Wars: Kundalini begins on Yavin-4, where our heroes have gathered at the Lost City of the Jedi. There, the Jedi Remnants prepare a daunting journey to the Unknown Regions. Qon Pilat, Master of the Hidden Order, has enlisted a band of (mostly) Force-sensitive pirates called the Spiral Corsairs to help them reach their destination. Envoys from their flagship, the Hapan Battle Dragon "Spiral Dancer", have landed in the city where they will meet the Jedi and their allies to discuss the journey.

All the while, an ominous score plays in the moon's orbit...

UPDATE! The game is looking for 6-8 players and applications are wrapping up on the 15th.

Game Master(s): Doten, Blakkmonk

Gameplay: 40% Roleplay 60% Mechanics (But honestly, expect this to be a bit more fluid and alot of RP to take place in between active episodes)

Everyone will be expected to post once a week minimum to stay in the game, but we will decide the pace of actual gameplay posting as a community; once players are chosen.

Mood: T'is an era rich with the Dark Side and expect a healthy dose of grit. The in-game effect is that Dark Side Points will be harder to get rid of, once accumulated.

Character Creation: All materials may be considered, so long as they are era - appropriate. Keep in mind the xenophobia of the Dark Times. Starting CL will be 4 & hold off on the character sheets until after the application process. You will begin play as a Jedi, ally of the Hidden Order, or a Spiral Corsair (more info on these choices below).

Restrictions: There will be a maximum of three Jedi "padawans" in this campaign (I.e. characters with actual classes in Jedi or lightsaber proficiency), though Force sensitives from other traditions are welcome, Spiral Corsairs and non-Force classes are encouraged! There will be a lot of incentive and action for the latter, so don't be discouraged by those overabundant Jedi.

Application (posted here) should include...

Name, Age, Class, Race, Personality, Appearance, & Background. Quality is valued over quantity!

If you have any questions feel free to ask or PM.

Game Description:


- The year is 9 BBY -

Dark times are upon us, friend. The Emperor has taken control of the galaxy, swiftly annihilating any opposition with the help of his right hand and iron fist, Darth Vader. In this era, the Jedi have been destroyed. Pan-galactic testing has begun under the thumb of the relentless Imperial Security Bureau, rooting out Force sensitives for capture and elimination. And having seen the consequences of rebelling, worlds-over are bending knee to the Empire.

Even still, hope lingers like a stubborn flame... On Yavin-4, a Knight and his allies breathe life into a dead Order. Hidden below the Moon's surface, the Lost City of the Jedi has become a refuge for the next generation. This is where your adventure begins.

*SW:KUN is intended to be a long campaign. And though it may technically be an abridged universe, I hope to steer this space opera alongside the canon. Everything before 9 BBY is considered static. Happy gaming-

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as the interest has been moderate, are you closeing the add sooner ?

That was more crafted around my commitments in October, but yes I could see to it that it is closed a bit earlier to keep those interested, well... interested!

sounds fun..

Now here's the last of my three applications, a ill-tempered near-human Spiral Corsair from the Unknown Regions.

Name: Lye De'Amire
Age: 24
Class: Soldier/Scoundrel
Race: Sotisite(see Custom Content)
Personality: Lye is aggressive and determined, often willing to deal with any obstacles with brute force alone, despite perhaps having a more initially intellectual upbringing than most. Lye is devotionally loyal to the Spiral Corsairs due to them having saved her life twelve years ago, but maintains the secret of her racial heritage at all costs and keeps an emotional distance from her fellow crew members. Lye wishes she had a better control over her force powers, but her hormonally unbalanced temper limits her focus greatly, however she continues to search for a way to centre herself better and master her powers.
Appearance: Lye maintains a lean muscular build, standing at 5'8" with pale skin, green eyes and dark red hair tied in a ponytail. She wears the same dress as the rest of her crew, with a pair of well maintained pistols resting on her hips. She would be considered quite pretty if her face ever knew an expression other than annoyance or heart bursting anger.
Background: Lye is a member of the Sotisite race, a species of near-humans from within the unknown regions, born on the ancestral homeworld of Satis. Like her older sister Laren, Lye displayed an aptitude for intense physical activity from an early age, in addition to the comparatively strong intellectual and academic abilities common to their race. As with Laren, Lye also suffered from increased aggression and impaired interpersonal skills with this condition progressing throughout her childhood and leading her to joined her older sister at St. Hart's Military Academy.
As Lye progressed through her studies however it was discovered that she possessed some ability in the force and the decision was made to send the young cadet with the next coreward vessel to seek training from those of their kind amongst the Jedi Order. Sadly the vessel the twelve year old soldier travelled on was attacked by opportunistic pirates profiteering from the clone wars and the girl was loaded into an escape pod before her vessel launched an unsuccessful counter attack which saw its destruction. Lye was ultimately discovered by a Spiral Corsair vessel and since then has become an accomplished 'Spiral' whilst seeking information of those who destroyed the vessel.


Name: Ash Bailey
Age: 20
Class: Scout/Soldier
Race: Human
Personality: Ash has a fiery personality. Often considered a hot head, charging off into a situation without thinking. At least that’s what it would appear. She always has a plan for her actions, even if she is the only one aware of what that plan is. Because of her small stature, she has always felt the need to prove herself capable of doing what others much bigger than her are capable of or adapting to make the situation into one which is more favorable to her.

She is fiercely loyal to those she trusts. When not in a battle situation, she enjoys gambling, preferably games of skill rather than chance, although she is uncommonly lucky. If she’s not gambling, she can be found in the Hangar of the Spiral Dancer, working on any of the ship’s there.

*Note* She is Force Sensitive, but no training in using the force. Hope to change that as she learns more of the Jedi, if she gets accepted.

Role:Pilot/Ranged Combat Specialist

Raym Colmar

I'll throw my hat in. The setting is nine years before the Battle of Yavin, correct?

Name: Raym Colmar
Age: 31
Class: Noble, at least to start
Race: Human
Personality: WIP
Appearance: WIP, looking for a picture

Sorry this took so long! I just had a lot going on for a bit there. Because I took so long, I'm posting here instead of editing my "place holder" I'm going to post my application here instead. Also, if I'm wrong and Andrael is female, just let me know and I'll fix the pronouns in my background.

Name: Radassa Tenko
Age: 26
Class: Jedi
Race: Gungan

Personality: Bubbly and talkative, Radassa seems to be much more your standard Gungan than she does your standard Jedi, which is at odds with her upbringing and leads many in the Lost City to think that it must be something in Gungan genetics. Even when things are at their darkest, she always seems to have a smile on her face and a spring in her step. A fierce fighter when her friends are in danger and always striving to find the grace in the universe, she is perhaps one of the only padawans in the Lost City to be seen as a possible successor to her master, Andrael.

Appearance: Radassa is your typical young Gungan woman - standing at 1.75m and weighing in at a lithe 61kg, her skin is pale with indigo markings. She wears her ears back like most female Gungans, and she accents it with pink feathers in a tuft on top of her head. Shunning the normal robes of the Lost City for something more comfortable and fashionable, these days she can usually be found wearing a pink halter and a green cape that shows off her shoulders over a pair of tight pants with her lightsaber on the belt. The cape has a collar on it that showcases the necklace her mother gave her when she left to become Jedi.

Background: Born in 35 BBY, Radassa was a shy toddler living in Otoh Gunga with her parents when the great Jar Jar Binks returned from his exile in the company of Jedi Knights! Then came news of the droid invasion. Her father lost his life in the Battle of Grassy Plains during that same year, leaving Radassa and her mother on their own. When the Jedi came back a few months later, everyone in Otoh Gunga was surprised. They hadn't realized that the Jedi recruited children from all over the galaxy, considering they hadn't taken a Gungan youngling in hundreds of years - in fact they'd forgotten all about the Gungans' existence until Qui-Gon's and Obi-Wan's reports.

At first her mother had been adamant that the Jedi wouldn't be taking the last of her family from her. But after learning more about what had gone on in the galaxy and listening to her daughter's desires she began to waver. And the clincher was hearing the glowing recommendation from the great Jar Jar Binks - after that, her only request was to bequeath her favorite necklace to her daughter, so that she would always have something of her family and home, no matter where she was.

For the past 23 years, Radassa has lived her life being trained in the Jedi Arts. Never feeling right taking the Initiate Trials, Radassa remained a youngling until she was 15. That's when she finally felt the Force telling her it was time. She attempted the trials, but her scores were erratic - she would have been sent to the service corps for them, had the Force not been guiding her. As it turned out, that was the day that Andrael, last Paladin of Chatos came to tour the Temple on Coruscant. He was intrigued by Radassa's personality and impressed with her combat skills. He spoke with the Council and Radassa was named his padawan - they left the planet within the day and began to tour the galaxy. Managing to avoid getting entangled into the Clone Wars - which caused much argument between master and apprentice - they mostly traveled along the Outer Rim and spent time being do-gooders swooping in to save the day. However, the next year was when everything went wrong. Order 66 was enacted and the two of them went on the run.

Finally, after 3 months of running and hiding, Andrael was contacted by Master Qon Pilat - he had gathered what he could of the Jedi Remnants in the galaxy and was attempting to shelter them all in a safe haven. Accepting his invitation, Andrael and Radassa arrived at the Lost City - Andrael to help teach and lead, and Radassa to be an example for the younger students. That was 10 years ago, and Radassa is going a little stir-crazy. She's now 26 years old, in the prime of her life, and she's stuck living in an underground city with a few people and a legion of droids. She can feel the Force tugging at her, telling her it's time to go. And at this point, it's all she can do to keep her lightsaber in check and only use it for training purposes...

Came to the site because it has an excellent character sheet, happened to see there were games on the forums, found a sweet SWSE concept that I'm totally interested in. Happy day, lol. Definitely posting interest. Will have a non-FS concept up shortly.

Edit: As promised. Taxi is a smuggler and gunslinger who has been helping supply the Hidden Order since they settled on Yavin-4.
Name - Artaxis "Taxi" Shan
Age - 33
Class - Scoundrel
Race - Human
Personality - Taxi is a light-hearted sort, always quick with a grin or a joke, even when things aren't necessarily going his way. He is quite fond of himself, especially in the looks department, and is not above a little friendly (or sometimes not-so-friendly) taunting. The outward appearances belie his true sadness, however, and the losses he has witnessed over the years, both his own and others', has left an indelible impression on him. He's a hard drinker, as it serves to numb him to this and helps maintain the image of all-around good guy, and gambles whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Appearance - Standing just a shade over six feet tall and weighing in at a "respectable" 210 pounds of what he likes to say is an "athletic" build, but is really just pretty average. He tends to favor dusters and wide-brimmed hats, boots and close-fitting but not constricting pants and shirts. ((Pic can be found at http:/ /images.wikia.com/starwars/images/1/13/Smuggler-Return.jpg, since apparently I can't post a complete URL yet))
Background - Born on Telos amid the Xanatos scandal and related fallout, Artaxis Shan is a small-time smuggler and former member of the CIS. He served during the early part of the war as a "procurer of items" and helped run supplies to Separatist forces during several major conflicts. His support of the CIS was tied up in much youthful idealism and desire for change. However, after witnessing the events of Humbarine from orbit left a sour taste in his mouth about the direction of the Confederation's leadership, Taxi left the service of the CIS in favor of the marginally-less-likely-to-get-him-killed career path of the freelance pilot-for-hire, running supplies to the embattled civilian sector on Duro during the Separatist assault there to such a high degree of success that he attracted the notice of Bail Organa's associates, as well as several other minor actions.

Eventually, as the galaxy knows, the war ended with the near-annihilation of the Jedi Order, and the few remaining Jedi scattered to the four winds and went into hiding. When the Lost City was first being settled by the Jedi exiles, Taxi was approached by allies of Organa and the Hidden Order, under assumed names and heavy disguise, in order to begin running supplies to a backwoods moon out in the Yavin system. Unbeknownst to Taxi, he had been under surveillance since his name came up at Duro and it had been determined (rightly, as it turned out) that he would be an excellent candidate for the tricky job of keeping the Lost City supplied with important things such as food, parts, medicines, news and whatever else the tiny outpost could need without exposing the exiles to undue risk of detection or capture.



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