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Shaken, Not Stirred.

Shaken, Not Stirred.

Greetings, Myth-Weavers.
Obviously I'm new. c;
If my username was not a dead give-away, my name is Brandi and I love Darth Vader.

I'm kind of awesome.
Anyway, I'm here for DnD 3.5e and Pathfinder.

In addition, Voxanadu is ugly, weak-minded, and smells funny.

Can I have some batman-shaped cupcakes now? .___.

Welcome and may the eternal powers forever guide your path.

It is noted that my beauty is not equivalent to the image below. However, it pleases me greatly you've heard of me.

Welcome to the weave.

*Stirs your milkshake and hands you a cupcake* Hope you like poison in your cupcake. Vox screwed up the last batch. Ya know, because he's an ugly, weakminded, smelly fool.
*kisses your cheek* Welcome to the weave.

Welcome, Brandi!!

There is a lot of awesome here, so you should feel at home.

Reaper, shouldn't we just make a new batch of cupcakes? Something with fruit to go with the chocolate fountain.

Nah. We still have a bunch of cupcakes from this one.

Welcome to the weave. I'm new here, myself. Never got the chance to play a 3.5 edition game (or any other game for that matter), and I'm deathly interested in hearing about it, and making my own sheet for it... When time permits I finally do buy the player's handbook for 3.5e. >3>

:3 if you're smart you can figure everything out with and a little help.

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