The Rod of Seven Parts

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The Rod of Seven Parts

The Rod of Seven Parts - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones - Forgotten Realms
Ad Closes: Oct 14 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Come one, come all! An campaign of epic proportions, with the ultimate goal of finding the most fabled of all artifacts - the Rod of Seven Parts - is now accepting applications for would-be cannon fodder orc-bait battlefield paint adventurers!

Yes, this campaign will eventually culminate with the grand campaign the Rod of Seven Parts, but it will not start there. The Forgotten Realms are large, and adventure and wonder can strike anyone at any time from anywhere. Even right there behind you!

Seriously though, applications are being accepted for a group to start low and aim high. Seems simple enough: start at 1st level, travel throughout the Realms, battle evil, solve mysteries, make a name for yourself, get noticed by the gods, find a legendary artifact, kill a legendary foe...well, let's just start with 1st level, travel, and trying to battle evil, shall we?

Applications for characters are to be placed in THIS FOLDER.
All the applicable rules for the campaign, to include character creation, can be found in THIS FOLDER.

Applications will be accepted until the end of the day (11:59 PM PDT) on October 13, 2012, with the selected party being notified no later than the end of the day (11:59 PM PDT) October 15, 2012.

So please - if you are interested, apply. Who knows - you may get lucky enough to be the one who holds the completed Rod at some point in your career...

Game Description:

In a time long ago, war raged across the cosmos between the force of Law and Chaos. Though the armies of the Queen of Chaos won most of the battles, they were forced to withdraw after their great general, Miska the Wolf Spider, was defeated and imprisoned by the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. The Wind Dukes created the Rod of Seven Parts to slay Miska. Unfortunately, the artifact merely wounded him and was itself shattered in the process. In the centuries since the final battle, the queen has scoured the multiverse, looking for the Rod. If reassembled, the Rod could slay Miska, but it also holds the key to healing his wound and releasing him from his eternal imprisonment.

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This, too, like all other things in time, shall pass.
Haha, I didn't know someone had planned to! I had just thought; that would be a fun character, and was about to go for it before I saw the at will spells and thought: that's just too much.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
We are talking about multi-classing here, right? Because dual-classing is not allowed, and with multi-classing only Halflings and Dwarves may be multi-classed psionicists.
Sorry did i miss that in the house rules cause i didnt see anything about not allowing dual-classing. Doesnt really matter as going psionicist but still.

Firbolg are allowable. Just pay attention to the penalties for being a giant.

I'm interested, kinda.

When I was much younger, I got a copy of the boxed set of this adventure from a garage sale or something. I read through it at the time and loved it, but never got a chance to play or run it.

Now, I know I have my old books around here somewhere, but I could really use a hand making a character. It it's alright that I'm slow with rules as I remember things, I'd consider tossing my hat in (I know that sounds pompous, but it's not intended that way).

Nobody is perfect when it comes to the rules, so as long as you ask questions in stuff you are unsure if you are more than welcome to submit an app.

No, you don't get to beat up the Night Below group. But you may end up crossing paths with them at some point.

haha that would be funny or maybe we both team up to take out some crazy hard encounter

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