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nWoD CtL Eternal Spring

Eternal Spring - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 1

What I would like to see if you are interested is your concept, along with Seeming and Kith.

We may be using some of the new information put forth that is meant to enhance the nWoD game mechanics just as a heads up.

Note the number of characters being accepted is somewhat open ended and should read 1 or more not just 1

Game Description:

This is a Changeling the Lost game specifically focused on the Emerald Court of Maimi. It is meant to be a fairly fast paced game to explore all the elements of Changeling the Lost but will be run predominately as individual stories with perhaps crossing pages depending on interest and the final workings.

Eternal Spring of a Fae Child

Aloft on the breeze from an eyrie
Or from deep within enchanted wilds
Comes the mystic song of the faerie
That calls forth to chosen childs

There's a burning in the bloodstream
A whisper in the heart;
"Come, list unto your soul's dream
An' dance an' play your part"

Within ageless realms of faerie
As told in tales of yore
Far distant tho wilt be
From where yee once lived before

Whether yee be Kelpie singing in seafoam
Or Tunnelgrub workin' in caverns dim
No matter where you may roam
Your soul doth belong to them

From glamorious halls or grizzly dungeons
The Soul longs to break free
From the noblers emotional bludgeons
But first must awaken an' find its key

Then crawl thru the dangerous thorny thicket hedge
Or soar above the thick mists into the burning sun
Either way brings one near insanity's razor edge
With bedlam or banality being all that is won

Still within the heart lies hope
Of life's joys and wonders to be
To approach life with musical trope
In order to inact desire's decree

Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little... push.

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Angels and Ministers of Grace, yes.

Winter Razorhand Darkling, caretaker for a kid's summer camp in the off months.

Interested, but need to think about it a bit before committing. I'll be back.

Hi there, as I was looking for a changeling : the lost game, that's perfect for me.

I have a couple of questions though :

- Are there any restrictions on the kind of character and background we can take ?
- What kind of details do you need for the concept of our characters before proceeding ?
- Do are character begin established in the city or are they fresh coming out of the hedge ?

As for character concepts I have a couple in mind :

1) The pageant beauty queen kidnaped after her coronation and turned Fairest/flowering during her durance :

Her keeper was a kind of fae gardener and the changeling was one of his priced piece.

She had to endure exposure to elements in a garden where seasons were changing extremely fast, winters and summer were particularly harsh in their temperature extremes and the autumn was when the keeper 'plucked' the flowers out of her body. Only the spring was good ... except that she was attached in place.

After her escape, she joined the spring court, wishing to rebuild a life with the same kind of pleasure she had before her durance : Funny parties, wealth, friends and boyfriends.

She would focus more on the social skills/attribute and I will probably be spending some points in mentor both to be trained in changeling knowledge, have basic combat skills and for the mentor to be used to introduce my character to the already existing changeling structure.

2) A college boy trying to escape the grasp of tyrannic parents and moonlighting as a pizza delivery boy to make money to pay for rent, food and studies. He met someone who, in exchange for working for him, promised him to be forever free of his parents. Little did he know, that the person in quesion was part of the gentry.

In his keeper domains, there were two kind of changelings, those who still had human face and emotions and those who didn't, the latters hunting, torturing and killing the formers all in the name of their keeper enjoyement. The character managed to partially become of the second breed but keeping his emotions and moral center at the same time, turning into a darkling of the mirrorskin kith.

After his escape, he will join the winter court hoping to stay hidden and using his talents at remaining undetected to work an intelligence agent for his court.

This character would focus on talent used to disguise himself or to infiltrate himself in foreign courts, and human institutions. (stealth, investigation, subterfuge and computer would be key skills). I would also probably want a mentor for this character as well (if he is one that is accepted in this game).

I will work out the details in the days to come. Could you tell me how the character creation will move on after this and what other information you require on the concept at the moment ? I would happily oblige.

Thanks and hopefully I'll see you all guys in the game

After his escape, he will join the winter court hoping to stay hidden

This sounds cool. I've wanted to play Changeling for absolutely ages! I will come up with something. How long do we have? I'm thinking something in a doctor, probably a chirurgeon kith.

Okay folks all I am looking for is a general concept of the character that you would like to play. I do not need any crunchy bits just a general informational on what the character would be about and what you would like to do with them.

Basically just enough information to let me get a feel for what the character is and whether it will fit within the games framework. But I would suggest you pay attention to they adds request as I did state what I am looking for if you actually want into the game.

So PhoenixStorm I need a single character concept that you want to apply with.

Originally Posted by Reiko
I do have a request, one which I forgot to mention before: I'd like to use a set of hacks culled from Armory: Reloaded and other sources, including what the developers are using for the revised nWoD to come out early next year. I've used them a lot and find it a lot better than the base system, plus we can playtest some changes to the system, since they're making them public.
Now I say may be because (1) I have not gotten a response from Reiko denoting where I can find this stuff and (2) I have not looked it over to decide if I want to include it.

Beast, Hunterheart, Spring

Random is essentially a conglomeration of many horror movie stalker creatures, despite this, and the history she had as a hunter in the realm of the Gentry, she herself is a very innocent seeming and kind young woman. She works at a theater and feeds on the vicarious desires of the movie goers, whether for thrills and chills, excitement or romance.

Okay Thrythlind what gets this changeling out of her cracker box?


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