Chapter 6 - South to Saerloon

A breath of relief escaped Gren's mouth. One obstacle down.
Joachim certainly had a way with words, something Gren knew served a leader well. The man almost reminded him of a member of his military unit, though the resemblance was likely coincidental. Shaking the cobwebs of memory from his mind, Gren looks expectantly to the Necromancer, hoping he will do the smart thing and move aside as well.

Garak hoped the distraction of the shaman and the others would enable him to approach the unknown caravan members from the rear. While they all talked, Garak neared the edge of the forest, keeping to the available shadows, and being careful to move with absolute care. Alerting anybody to his presence would foil his ability to initiate a first strike should it become necessary.

As he waited for the situation to either escalate into a battle or be resolved, he did his best to see what the cart was carrying and if the guards or the merchant were carrying anything of apparent value. He also kept his ears sharp for any words quietly spoken between the caravan members or for anything that might be moving within the woods. Garak further took a moment to study the caravan members to judge if their body language matched up with their stated intentions.

The necromancer continued to stare at the man that had DEMANDED that he move aside. Were he another necromancer, he'd have already ripped the man's skeleton from his body, and made it dance for slighting him. As for the rest of the caravan, they'd simply rise up as ghouls and rove across the countryside looking for brains to feast on, until eventually some dragon or some such killed the undead just for the sake of killing them.

But Lucifer was not like the other masters of his craft. He was not a heartless, or evil man. Slowly he guided Dusk Taker to the edge of the road. Discretion was the better part of valor, and Lucifer was not a stupid man. There was no purpose to fighting here, at least not yet.

Khel was a bit taken aback from the paladin's warning about Garak. Following his stringent logic, the gnome wanted to explain the paladin that his observation was exactly right, independently on any consideration about how dangerous the assassin was. Either Garak wanted to kill them or not. If yes, why would he warn them? If not, is creating conflict giving him an advantage or just ensuring that nobody would help him in case he needs it?

The gnome raised his hand to start enumerating the reasons why Garak's threats are illogical in any possible case, when the crazy man sitting on top of a dinosaur approached him and asked him about the "spirits" accompanying him. Suddenly the prospective of winning a debate with the paladin became of secondary importance against ensuring to be out of range of the lizard's fearsome maw.

Ahem, Sir, you ask a very good question! You could say that dealing with... spirits... is my job! The gnome replied with a forced wide smile while trying to maneuver his spectral steed to keep a good distance between his tender body and the dinosaur. He was about to add something when he got interrupted a second time by their flying scout announcing a caravan coming their way.

The gnome took a quick look around, evaluating his group. I don't think there is a caravan in this region that would be able to defeat this group. Still, always conscious of his own mortality, the gnome decided to step to the side of the road with the paladin, just in case, he said to himself. After a nervous look at the edge of the forests where the assassin had disappeared, he mentally calculated a safe distance from there as well, and moved further back. just in case

Surrounded by his summoned cohorts, Khel's eyes narrowed when he noticed that the crazy man and the necromancer were going to make a stand in the middle of the road. Ahem, may I suggest a different course of action? He tried to start the conversation with the two but his voice was drowned by the distance and the sound of the horses approaching. Once the caravan guard ordered them out of the road, he closed his mouth, giving up on trying to play the role of the mediator. Eh, if you are not smart enough to recognize that you are outmatched, you are on your own he thought.

Lucifer and Kesendaran seem unfazed by the horseman's unfriendly greeting, and remain standing in the pathway. The rest move aside, however, and Joachim calls out to them to inquire about their business.

"Our business is just that - our business,"
the Horseman replies. "Suffice it to say that it's not delivering rainbows and sugarcakes to Saerb's pathetic citizens!" he adds, laughing heartily.
"I say again, leave our path or become part of the road. Either way, make your choice now, before my horses hooves make it for you!" he finishes.
As Martin steps out from the forest, bow held high and then quickly lowered, the lead horse rears up with an angry whinny, clearly uncomfortable around Kesendaran's pet and unsettled by the archer's sudden appearance.

"Become a part of the road," he said, echoing the man's threats. The power of fear and intimidation... It was a remarkable gift, to be sure, but this man did not truly possess it. Lucifer had worked for a lifetime perfecting the art of fear. He
using this as the somatic component for the spell
lowered his hood to reveal his sallow, almost emaciated face and stared into the horseman's eyes. "Fear is indeed a powerful weapon, one that I have studied for much of my life. Your pathetic attempt to scare me is trifling at best. Look into my eyes and know true terror."

Dice Roll: 1d20+15
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 18)
Intimidate check
Save DC is Will, 19
The affected creature becomes frightened. If the subject succeeds on a Will save, it is shaken for 1 round. Creatures with 6 or more Hit Dice are immune to this effect. Cause fear counters and dispels remove fear.

Fearsome Necromancy (Feat) - Any foe required to save against a necromancy spell you cast is shaken for 1 round, regardless of the result of the save. This mind-affecting fear ability does not stack with any other fear effect (it can't make a foe worse than shaken).

Lucifer's not trying to initiate a fight, only show the man that his mouth is attempting to write a check he and his companions can't cash.
Cause Fear Spell
Dice Roll: 1d20+2z
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 11)
Initiative (11)

From his position, the assassin continued to study the caravan guard closest to him. Weak points in the man's armor, vital points, and anything else that could be exploited in a sudden attack was noticed. If there was to be a fight, he wanted to quickly dispatch his opponent.

Gren fiddled with the pommel of this saddle once more, staring decidedly at the back of his hippogryph's neck. If there was trouble, he'd be forced to be a part of it. He didn't join the Order to attack strangers on the road, however rude they may be. He began to worry for his own safety. After years in the wilds his manners were little better than those of the rider. How long was it until these others turned on him as well?

Looking up to the woods along the road, Gren felt a sudden intense longing to just disappear once again.

"Pathetic, you say?" Martin inquired softly. His bow, which was lowered, now came up again with an arrow nocked to the string. "I happen to know, our valiant companions here fought quite the battle for these 'pathetic' citizens you speak of. Perhaps you should explain here and now, how pathetic you consider them to be, and why, before my shaft flies true and takes you through the neck."

Kesendaran's grin is gone. Suddenly, anyone looking at the shaman is hit by the sudden view of a very dangerous man. The contrast between that aloof being, who seems to belong to a world different than the one he lives in, and this cold serious person is almost impossible. Ghar'ra feels the change in his rider and he too changes expression, in a second showing its filed teeth, screeching at the nervous horse. His mouth and tail snap at the same time and the beast starts pawing the ground, anxious to drive its weapons in the flesh of the puny horse. Again it shrieks, attempting to intimidate its foe, in its fashion.

A sick green light envelops the shaman as he speaks some foreign words. One hand remains on the reins but the other searches his skull-decorated spear, shaking it slightly so it produces a
Aid another. Unable to find any characters in game 600
creepy cackling. His eyes glow, the sudden light being even more visible as some strands of hair fall forward and block the sunlight to his eyes. Amidst the foreign words, some understandable ones come.

Dis be da time when yah must choose yah words very carefully. . . He drives every word home, speaking it with fierce intention. Else yah might be gettin' moah dan yah wish ta bargain for....

Is that the
Ready action: If the Horseman decides to go Hostile, cast Summon Swarm (Spider) centred on him.
buzz of insects? Why does Kesendaran's image seem rather fuzzy?

EDIT: Unable to find any characters in game 600

Swarm Attack DC11 poison 1d3 str:
Dice Roll:
1d20 1d6 1d3
d20 Results: 19
d6 Results: 2
d3 Results: 1
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+4
Original Dice: 1d20+4

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+2, 1d20 1d6 1d3

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