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Site slow?

Site slow?

So in the last few days Myth-Weavers have been painfully slow for me. It can take nearly a full minute to load a page and it's only this website that has that issue. So is anyone else having this problem? And if not does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing it? (Cookies and cache has been cleared, searched for viruses and spyware, updated webbrowser and checked the firewall, nothing.)

Is it really consistent, and every time you try to load a page or make a post? Or is it intermittent? If it's consistent, I'd advise you to pop open a command line and run a long ping and/or a traceroute to MW and post your results.

It's been consistent the last few days. Mind telling me how to ping MW? (I assume I need the IP? Been ages since I pinged anything. >.<)

Assuming windows:

Start -> search for 'cmd' -> click on 'cmd'
ping -t
let that run for a while, then hit ctrl+c to stop execution
also try
It should handle dns to get the ip.

I've been having the same/similar issue. In Opera, Firefox, and IE, so I can mostly rule out a browser issue.

The really weird thing is that if I opt to exploit the "open in new window" for a link. It'll load up fine in that separate window. So I could click a link. Then middle click the same link. And the new page will be up before the old page even "blanks out" for the new one to start loading.

So you might want to try new windows just to see if that helps your loadup speeds.

I thought I noticed the site was a bit slower than usual but not until I read this did I think much of it.

I tried the ping and it was all timed out, timed out, etc then flashed off when I hit CTRL-C. I did the tracert and came back with the following (see image attached). I wouldn't say I'm experiencing any significant issues but in case there was some value in what I did I thought I would send it along since I was just procrastinating at work anyway.
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Interpreting pings & traceroutes is a whole other thing. It's sounding a little bit like network reachability, but I'll keep a closer eye on a few things.

Pinged and traced, here's the results:

Yeah I'm having the same issue. Sometimes MW takes forever to load, especially when posting, but sometimes it's fine. I'm not having issues with any other sites, and this has only started happening in the last day or 2.
Since I mostly use my phone, I assumed it was my service provider, but the issue seems even worse on my PC (with 300 Kb/s)

Link to full size image

Oh, no more test results, by the way It's clear the server's configured not to respond to ICMP so it's not gonna do any good.


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