Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

A new challenger appears!

A new challenger appears!

So, hi!

Seeing as I need to make 5 posts before I can post urls in the ooc thread for a game I'm thinking of joining, so I can check the sources I'm using are correct, I figured I may aswell start here and pick up an easy freebie. I've done arrpeeing for years, but mostly kinda freeform or around the framework of mmos, but DnD's always held an attraction for me as 'The One That Started It All'. I can't find anyone to play with where I live, so this'll do! Mostly looking to get into DnD 3.5 games, as I'm kinda familiar with the system already, or some of these quick and easy rules-light games. My biggest apprehension is remembering how to use your roll codes!

Hope I don't mess up!

Hiya Hope, welcome aboard the Train of Despair!
The beauty of the internet is, you never need to remember ANYTHING anymore, you can just look it up!
Take for instance the Dice Roller you mentioned. If you mouse over the "Help" option up near the top of your screen, then click Dice Roller in the pretty little drop down menu, it will take you directly to the page you don't need to memorise.
If you need 3.5 rules in a hurry, will help you out a lot, I think

If you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask.

Yeah, I've been back and forth between here and the SRD for a few hours while I finish off a charsheet. Handy stuff. Thanks for the tips!

No problem. I'm a newb myself, but aiming to become a GM, starting soon with a very basic game, copying a friends idea for a
jousting, archery etc
tourney style contest.
What type of character are you creating? Would you mind linking the sheet here, or add me as a viewer?

Welcome, Hope!

I love the title for your introduction. Challengers are well-received.

So in the same spirit: Challenge accepted!

*Slashes you 4 times in the chest* the names mitsurugi. Remember it.
Welcome to the weave. I am the Angel of Death. I shall be watching you. closely. Very. Very. Closely.
Xav is right. D20 is heaven.
Also, avoid ECL bonuses. they are bad for balance.

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