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Oct 3 debate in review

Oct 3 debate in review

Assuming you saw last nights debate, the majority of viewers believe that Romney won the debate. In all honesty I agree, but I think a lot of it has to do with his "Tsun Tzu" plan- namely the fact that by not releasing any details of his plan he can describe it in any way he wants and defy anyone to say otherwise- if the president said he would have to cut education or medicare he could simply say he would not cut those things. He could say he would not raise teh deficit because nobody can analyse his plan and say that it will.
The problem is is that if you look at all the things he has claimed about his plan, I don't believe it can actually exist. Does Romney even have a plan?

I would presume that he has a plan to win the election. I would presume that he has various plans to benefit his high-value supporters. I would not presume that he has any meaningful plan to benefit the majority of the population of the US.

Romney only 'wins' until his reality check bounces.

Expect that performance (which I thought was lukewarm; Obama was just slightly more disappointing) to be challenged by debunkers.

A start:

In all both sides spun (of course), though Romney significantly more so, including making flat out lies.

Romney was the better 'debater.' Obama was the better candidate. There may be a fine line between the two, but there is a line.

And Romney may have lost support with the PBS/Big Bird comment. The intrawebs are angry with that one.

Romney won that debate, but only on points. To use a cricket metaphor, he got a four when he really needed a six. Remember there are two more debates after this.

I'm thinking it was a bit of a Pyric victory myself- he didn't get the 'game changer' he needed, and he showed where he is vulnerable once they analyse what he said- between factual errors and raising questions not simply (I hope) about the content of his economic plan but it's very existance he could well find himself on the ropes in future debates.

It definitely wasn't the rousing win Romney needed, and personally, I'm not even sure he really won. XBox live showed solid support for Obama throughout the debate, although TV viewers may have different numbers (I haven't seen poll results from TV viewers yet).

Romney definitely won the debate, but not just because he could say anything he liked due to his unpublished (and non-existent?) plan. He won because he was more confident and more polished. Obama was less confident, less polished, and came across poorly in comparison.
Round 1 to Romney.

(and no, I'm not a supporter of Mitt-ens, I'm just telling it as I saw it)

Obama was a slow 'starter' in his 2008 debates. And he hasn't debated since 2008, whereas Romney had his primaries debates. He'll warm up to it.

Ryan vs Biden should be a riot. I honestly would not be surprised to see Biden deck Ryan

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
Ryan vs Biden should be a riot. I honestly would not be surprised to see Biden deck Ryan
They should blindfold them and give them squeaky hammers. They'd be more likely to score a telling blow that way.
Biden vs Ryan: Clash of the midget minds!


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