A different sort of L5r!

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A different sort of L5r!

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Legend of the Five Rings 3e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

So, I had planned to have this be at least a "semi" private game, but as it turns out I would like some more people. You lovely M-W people to join!

This, in the long run, will likely not be Par for the Course as far as l5r games. But in the end, it will be a lot of what the players make of it.

A Court-like setting is where the game will begin, but it is not likely to be a court heavy game. For now, it is basic character creation

Please ask any questions you may have!

Game Description:

As the first scenes are set, the light of the sun falls on Iron Turtle City. As of recently times have Interesting, and some would call interesting times a curse. At the end of the last season Iweko Seiken, Heir Apparent of the Emerald Empire had nearly been lost at sea. There are many rumors around as to what happened exactly, but they mostly agree that he was rescued by the Mantis, and brought into the safety of Iron Turtle City.

Since then the great Empress Iweko I 'asked' for a volunteer force to replace those lost in the missing ships. The heir and his ships were seeking to reinforce the colonies with an extra force organized by Shosuro Kai, seeking to show unified support of the empire to those so far away fighting and dying in new lands attempting to build civilization amongst the ruins of the gaijin hordes. However, so far as it is known all seventeen ships were lost including all the materials and samurai aboard.

The Ship works have been in overdrive, producing the highest quality ships to field a second attempt, not to let the previous losses go forgotten and their goal set aside. The request from the empress was that every Family send at least one representative, be they a Great family, Vassal, or even ronin order. Rumor has it that an Imperial vessel is on its way to the city now, and from all the setup one could almost suppose that the winter imperial court was to be here, if it were winter of course rather than starting into summer.

Crazy Game master for the Unknown L5R game
Thaknin, Reply sent

Thrythlind, sorry to hear but I totally Understand!

@Thaknin-Nezumi rule! I used to play as them in the CCG when they were a faction. Stupid Tomorrow!

If you are still accepting applicants, and people who are somewhat new to the site. I would be interested in participating.

I'm interested in this, I've never played L5R but I've wanted to learn, and I was wondering if it would be alright if I joined or at least watched to learn some of these rules?

W are still open, I will be selecting folks at the end of this week to be the first "accepted folks". I am going to prolly end up accepting a few over my intended number due to the responses received here thus far

More?! Questions!?

2 days until crush time! So get in at least something so far as a build, comments, and hopefully a post or 2 up in the glass house!


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