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Small Men in a Big World - DnD 5e

Small Men in a Big World - DnD 5e

In the tradition of Willow, The Hobbit and LoTR I am considering running a fast paced pbp game (ie aiming for 1 post per day average) for a party of halflings (or maybe dwarves) well outside their comfort zone.

The world at large would be unfamiliar and mostly unfriendly if not outright dangerous but they are forced to adventure in order to save their village/town or some such equally compelling reason.

None of the party would have ventured beyond the village or at most the next town. All would be personally vested in whatever the quest is and be more focused on achieving that than dealing with any grudges against each other or pursuing personal agendas. Not that they can't also have one or both of those.

Would be using DnD 5e playtest rules starting with the 2nd version and upgrading as new playtests come out. There will be almost certainly the need to occasionally rebuild characters though character concepts shouldn't change and I'll do my best to house rule any changes that overly break concepts so they work.

A few of the games I've gm'd / I am gming:

Living Forgotten Realms - the Sea of Fallen Stars - A number of 4E adventures I ran awhile back.
Broken Mountain Delve - A series of 4E Dungeon Delve adventures I created and ran.
Gruumsh's Eye - 5E solo game about to restart after hiatus.
Come Hell or High Water - 5E game recently started.

Post here if this intrigues you and/or you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas for me.

I'm interested in this, especially after seeing the PAX 2012 celebrity D&D game.

Guess I should have specified why I posted here than just made a game ad.

Is there more preference for dwarves or halflings? I don't want to mix. (At least at start but say a character dies along the way...)

What kind of quest would most motivate you? ie retrieval stolen artifact, rescue kidnapped person(s), searching for certain rare antidote, something else...

Halflings, 'course. Halflings are more awesome than dwarves, and at least we wouldn't all need to spend half our GP on alcohol.

I'm interested, if only because I'm not familiar with 5E rules. Is there a download somewhere for the playtesting version?

I'm interested in trying out 5E. I like the personality of halflings better. It could be interesting to see how long we can maintain the question game.

The title of this makes me think of the movie Small Soldiers and the Video games that you play plastic army men. Now I want someone to create a game where the players are sentient toy army men!

Interesting idea. Normally I'm far more into dwarves than halflings, but an all halfling group could be cool.

Interesting. Personally I prefer dwarves (and they are more adventurous). I'm quite familiar with D&D Next having run through the first adventure they issued for it (Caves of Chaos).

The benefit of being Halflings is that the whole group can be Stealthy. The problem is that one of their Racial abilities is they can Hide behind Allies who are Larger than they are. Which is moot if you have all Halflings. That said, D&D Next is meant to be VERY modular, and I would just suggest houserulling that Racial Feature out and stealing one from another race. Maybe the Wood Elf Grace to let them hide when they're Lightly Obscured.


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