Heretics of Potential Wanted

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Heretics of Potential Wanted

False Prophets - Forum
Black Crusade
Estimated Members Requested: 5


Greetings everyone!

As the game system should probably tell you, this is an adventure utilizing the rules and setting put forth in the Black Crusades core rulebook. The section players will be applying for is actually the module presented in the back of the book, though I intend to take it further with direction from the players and their writings. Applicants for this section will have the option of backing out or continuing on depending on how they like the story and style. I will rerecruit at a later date if required to do so.

As a game, I want this to be fun yet dark in keeping with the subject matter and I am really looking forward to looking over applications and seeing this get off the ground. Above all I want everyone to keep in mind this is a learning opportunity. I have not GMed this ruleset before though I am extremely familiar with the setting and have run games in all three of the other FFG core books. I will try to teach as much as I am sure I will be taught.

Over the course of this Ad I am going to cover these areas but will monitor this thread daily for other questions, concerns, and comments.
  • Applications
  • FAQ
  • Setting
  • About Me
  • Submitted Concepts


As far as applications go I am more concerned with an applicants ability to write than actual knowledge of the rules. It is to this end that I am going to request that not a single one of you actually roll up an entire character sheet yet. Instead, I would like you to "flesh out" your character first and you can do this by declaring your characters name, race, desired alignment, and Archetype; and by tackling these categories in a minimum 200 word summaries:
  • Physical Descripton
  • Personality/Motivations
  • Background

You may use whatever format you desire just keep it neat, please. All applications must be submitted in this thread by October 25, 2012.

I will keep a running list of what has already been submitted and reviewed in the OP.

How many players are you looking for?
4 to 5

Are there any restrictions on Archetypes or Races?
All Races and Archetypes are available, but I will only take a maximum of TWO Chaos Space Marines.

What do I need to submit an application?
All that is required is that you own a copy of the Black Crusade rulebook and be able to meet posting requirements.

What are your posting requirements?
Players will be required to post 3 to 5 times a week Monday thru Friday in non-combat situations. Combat moves to once a day Monday thru friday until the scene is resolved.

Will you allow the use of material from supplements?
If there are any, some will be allowed on a case by case basis. Supplemental material will be mostly restricted to smaller changes as I do not have access to the books so all of the information will have to be quoted to me.

What level do the characters start at?
Level 1. Chaos Space Marines will receive the standard starting XP of 500 to spend. Humans will receive 1000.

Can I use a character from another FFG40k ruleset?
Yes, you may. There are rules for conversion in the Black Crusade core rulebook. I will handle this on a case by case basis as well.

If you had to admit one obnoxious thing about your GMing style, what would it be?
I have taken part in PbP for a while now and I am a stickler for posting format. I find that it speeds up the game and once everyone gets used to it, it makes the game much more enjoyable and reader friendly.


The setting for this adventure will be the Screaming Vortex as presented in the book. If players decide to stay on afterwards we can all work together to figure out where we want to go from there. Otherwise I will probably move to the Koronus Expanse or more likely, the Calixis Sector.

The following Acts will most likely see the characters in control of their own starship as per the Rogue Trader rules with a Chaotic twist. I intend on opening up the Imperium and surrounding territories to players once the Prologue concludes.

About Me

My name is Addison and I am currently playing in two other games and running another here on MythWeavers. I enjoy the 40k Universe immensely and have consumed most of what Black Library has to offer as far as reading material goes. Once upon a time back when I had money, I played 40k tabletop and had a lot of fun with that as well.

Nowdays I find myself more closely involved in role-playing; quite often as the GM.

As a GM I try to let fairness and an open mind reign supreme. I'm always open to suggestions and believe that we can always improve. I am particularly excited about this ruleset as it is the most different from anything FFG has put out so far in the 40k Universe and deals with some really interesting subject matter. Daemon weapons have been a curiosity of mine since Dark Heresy came out.

Another thing I am really interested in is the introduction Rituals. Back when WHFRP came out, Rituals were one of the more interesting additions and I cannot wait to see how they tie in to 40k.

As a writer I find that my style differs depending on the situation. If a group is in combat my writing becomes less descriptive and faster paced. The world of violence goes by in a flash and I try to tie that in. Whenever the characters are involved in non-combat situations I really strive to bring the world of 40k alive for the players. It's dark, dirty, and oppressive normally. This ruleset is still dark and dirty, but it lifts some of the oppression. I am really looking forward to taking a swing at it.

As always, here to answer any questions or comments. I look forward to reading everyone's applications!

Submitted Concepts
  • Hargoth Chaos Space Marine Sorceror Cain | Human Apostate Mordicai
  • Raveled Chaos Space Marine Champion Scardos Mendax
  • KaptinKyle Human Renegade Drake Flamehand
  • Ramaloke Human Psyker Hadria
  • Nasdaq Human Psyker Malzahar
  • Lagoon Human Heretek Sigismund
  • Voth Chaos Space Marine Champion Raum
  • Boddan Human Psyker Ankaro Bellock

Game Description:

False Prophets
A Black Crusade Adventure

All across the Screaming Vortex are locations steeped in thousands of years of slaughter, myth, and history. One such location is the Temple of Lies.

Once an Imperial ship of the line, the Light of Ascension is now a crashed wreckage converted to a blashpemous chapel bearing the marks of the Architect of Fate. In its corrupted halls, lunatic priests use the power of the Empyrean to produce prophecies both true and false from hoarded tomes of black knowledge. Some foretell times where great champions of Chaos will rise up and cull those who worship the Corpse-God Emperor. Others speak of how an individual might meet his or her storied and colorful end.

It is to this place that several unknowable Heretics have been summoned from across the Screaming Vortex. Each approached by an agent of the highest priest, Copax, the Heretics make way towards the temple with undue haste; each with his own depthless darkness, hopless mission, and unspeakable fears.

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Oh crap! Are the Archetypes from Hand of Fate open? O_O! There is a legitimate Thousand Sons Sorcerer archetype in there!


Which I am interested in using, obviously .

Originally Posted by Ramaloke View Post
Oh crap! Are the Archetypes from Hand of Fate open? O_O! There is a legitimate Thousand Sons Sorcerer archetype in there!


Which I am interested in using, obviously .
They're only available if the DM decides to starts a game with a bigger starting XP. And if it would be available, Alpha Legion would be rad.

Reformatted my application on page three with credit for said format going to Ramaloke.
Didn't change any of the content but added in a picture for kicks...

Originally Posted by KaptinKyle View Post
Reformatted my application on page three with credit for said format going to Ramaloke.
Didn't change any of the content but added in a picture for kicks...
Heh, looks like my application format is popular, though you might want to scale your image down to be less wide (so that the paragraphs within the spoiler buttons are wider and less annoying to read).

Originally Posted by Ramaloke View Post
Heh, looks like my application format is popular, though you might want to scale your image down to be less wide (so that the paragraphs within the spoiler buttons are wider and less annoying to read).
You should patent it, because I'm probably going to use it to finish up a character. Probably a Slaaneshi Heretek. I always wanted to abandon BS altogether and use Charge attacks and Acrobatic Strike as substitute.

I have no power to do so, but if a great majority would like the Archtypes from Tome of Fate, nudging the XP up would be cool.

It would be cool to have access to them but there would have to be a large XP bump to make them suitable.

Originally Posted by Tome of Fate, Page 26 under "A Note to GMs"
The Chaos Space Marine veterans introduced in this chapter are roughly equivalent to a beginning Chaos Space Marine character with an additional 3600 XP. The Human Characters are both roughly equivalent to a beginning human Disciple of Chaos with an additional 4600 XP.
So if Elemtael ups the XP baseline to 4,100, and 5,600 respectively (including the starting 500 xp and 1,000 xp for CSMs/Disciples), they would be open for play.

Alternatively he could drop the starting XP a character normally gets during character creation for the advanced archetypes, and set the XP baseline to 3,100 for CSMs, and 3,600 for Disciples of Chaos. Those using the advanced archetypes would just have to deal with less XP to fiddle with in the beginning.


Either one makes it really a toss up between the Core Archetypes and the Advanced Archetypes. Remember also that the advanced archetypes will have more corruption/infamy as well.

That'd solve things to make them accessible, but it's still up to the GM. A non-tzeentch psychic techpriest would be possible this time around.

Might modify the image, but for now gonna leave it after jotting things up. Step away and let my mind work on anything that might need changed, as well as leave it to our gracious host to decide if I'm even allowed to use the archetype.

Originally Posted by Secutor View Post
Or standardize the XP, which means basic archtypes would have more than 500/1000 to play with.
What do you mean by standardize? I'm proposing two options:
  1. Basic Archetypes get much more XP to play with, 4,100 for CSMs, and 5600 for Disciples of Chaos. This factors in the extra XP you would normally get during character creation. Advanced Archetypes only receive that standard XP as part of character creation (500 XP for Chaos Space Marines, 1,000 XP for Disciples of Chaos).
  2. The standard XP during character creation is removed and is instead used to adjust the XP Gap created by allowing the Advanced Archetypes. The 3,600 XP gap for CSM archetypes becomes 3,100 XP. The 4600 XP gap for Disciples of Chaos becomes 3,600 XP. Advanced Archetypes do not have any starting xp to adjust their characters from their baseline archetype.

At this time I do not have access to the Tome of Fate so I will not open up the rules to just include any new Archetypes. Especially if said Archetypes require an increase in XP.

By the time the story I have chosen to run concludes I will probably have it. At that time I will allow the advanced Archetypes.

In the OP I stated that I have never run this specific ruleset before so I want to keep it as uncomplicated as possible. There are lots of new effects, gear, and advancement systems that have me a little nervous which is why I will be keeping the XP limited to the starting 500/1000.

That being said, there is no reason your character could not be themed towards a certain legion and tailored with the trade off of a few starting traits/talents. I will work with you on these. Just PM any changes you would like to request and I will pass judgement.

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