Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

I greet you

I greet you

While I may not be new to PbP games, or even entirely new to mythweavers, It is only recently that I have begun to look at playing on this forums.

I am, to be entirely forthcoming, completely uncertain as to how certain things are done here. Such as the submission of an application for a game in which I find interest.

I'm new too, but you and I are here for the same reasons. To join a PbP game, you go here.

After I've lurked for a while, I'll be posting as a DM. Maybe I could shoot you a PM when I do to offer you a slot. I, like you, am still trying to get a feel for the site though.

welcome rookies :3 Don't be frightened. Just ask lots of questions and you'll get lots of answers here. Very newbie friendly. I'm Death. I'll be your host this afternoon. Please feel free to transport your soul out of this world with my scythe at any time.
Aside from that, welcome to myth-weavers, and may your beautiful stories be woven into the threads of our tapestries.

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