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Kingmaker: Crusader State

Kingmaker: Crusader State - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
Ad Closes: Oct 15 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Now Accepting Applications.

also, for those not familiar with Golarion and looking for regions, visit and then use the Pathfinder wiki to learn about your home.

Game Description:

Estimated Party Size: 4-6

While I love the entire Pathfinder Setting, two particular aspects of the game have always intrigued me: The Kingmaker AP and the Worldwound. So I decided for my first attempt at GMing, I've decided to blend the two together to form Kingmaker: Crusader State.

I'm looking for 4-6 players who would be interested in playing the Kingmaker AP through the lens of forming a support state for Mendev and Lastwall. You would come into conflict with the River Kingdoms and Brevoy, who both eye the unclaimed Greenbelt covetously and, perhaps, bandits and other forces that would resist the idea of another Crusader State being formed. The Church of Iomadae, with cooperation from other Good Deities, would sponsor your efforts— and while the worship of these Gods isn't necessary, a desire to prevent Demons from conquering the world is.

Character Creation and Application Requirements
Start Level 1
20-point buy, only 1 ability pre-racial bonuses can be bought at 18 and only 1 can be bought at 7.
All classes and archetypes.
1 Addition: Fighters get 4 Skill Points and all players may treat either Knowledge Religion, Local or Planes as a Class Skill.
Applications close in 1 week.

Character Resume for Application
Character Name:
Deity: (if any)

Background: 3-4 Sentences. Please include: Region of Golarion they're from, most defining moment of character's life thus far (simple as receiving their first sword or casting first spell to as complicated as being a Half-orc raised by Dwarves), and how they were recruited for this mission.

Motivations: 3 Bullet Points.
Examples: • Greed • Glory • Power
or • Redemption • Hatred of Demons • Devotion to Sarenrae

Goals: (3 short sentences)
1 Short-term attainable goal (I want to clear the Thorn River of Bandits)
1 Mid-term attainable goal (I want to become a _________ or become known a great __________)
1 Long-term pie-in-the-sky goal (I want to seal the Worldwound, defeat a Balor, conquer Brevoy etc)

3 NPCs important to your character: 2 friendly (family, friend, mentor, parnter etc) and 1 rival.

That's it, you can do character sheets before or after being accepted.


Game Description

A terrible rumor is whispered throughout Avistan. The Wardstones preventing the Demons of the Worldwound from escaping it's bounds are wavering. The long-standing stalemate between the Crusaders and the Demonic forces will not last forever.

The Church of Iomadae knows the only way Golarion can withstand the Abyss is to take the fight to the Worldwound, to drive this otherworldly evil back to whence it came and find a way to close the rift. But Lastwall and Mendev, the only remaining Crusader states are stretched too thin. Their resources dedicated to survival, within nothing left over to mount an offensive.

A new, fresh ally is needed. One who can provide relief to Mendev and Lastwall. One that can support a fresh Crusade and lead the charge to reclaim the lands that were lost. And since such an ally does not exist, it must be created.

The Greenbelt, the Stolen Lands, whatever the fools of Brevoy and the River Kingdoms may call it; lies unclaimed and unsettled to the east of Mendev and Lastwall. Close enough to provide supplies, trade and vital reinforcements, yet far enough away from the Worldwound to escape its immediate threat. That is where the hopes of the Crusaders, Avistan and the whole of Golarion rests.

And so a new crusade, a crusade of diplomacy, of colonization and of nation building must begin. Brave, wise and noble individuals must be chosen to lead this endeavor, upon which the fate of all resides.

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Originally Posted by blackstarraven View Post
Just to let the DM know.
If I don't get picked for this game. I'm going to eat a small defenseless bunny rabbit.

(On a note, If I do get picked I'm still most lilkly going to eat rabbit. But I'll pick a far less Adorable rabbit)
I'm a farm boy. I've killed and eaten pet pigs, cows, goats, and rabbits, your threat about devouring animals is useless against me lol

It always frustrates me that some people will eat chicken but not rabbit, because rabbit is "cute" (even though it tastes way better than chicken!)

And people who will eat Fish but not froglegs. (You just fry them up like Chicken)

Umm.. Kentucky Cooking...

I have nothing against it in principle.

Although, my friend did point out that we still don't seem to eat predators/carnivores. Maybe that's just because we eat mostly farmed stuff now.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
I have nothing against it in principle.

Although, my friend did point out that we still don't seem to eat predators/carnivores. Maybe that's just because we eat mostly farmed stuff now.
That's because predator meat is less neutricious (and tasty I think) compared to herbivoous animals' meat.

Also herbivorous animals are far easier to have in a farm. Although farm animals may not be exactly herbovorous any more. (Ie many farms use food for their animals that contain meat - this is how the mad cow disease spreads, you have to eat tainted animal meat to have your cows--or you--get it.)

Factory farms, that's why I only get our mea from my wife's and my families' farms.

Though alligator is delicious.

Btw I am going to be hit or miss tomorrow and Friday, my 32nd birthday, so if you send a message or ask a question just be patient, I'll respond come saturday

Well there is a bit of a Biblical Hitch over predators as well. So most of the western world wont eat them. In Asia they will basically eat anything. (And I say that In a good way) I have eaten allot of things in my travels and work that most westerners would never have touched. (And I most likely should not have as a Jew)

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