New York, 2040- Superheroes Needed

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New York, 2040- Superheroes Needed

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Estimated Members Requested: 3

Really only one more player needed but it would be nice to have two or three more.

Superheroes battle against the American Theocratic Corporatocracy. Matrix meets V for Vandetta meets the Watchmen. Standard Savage Worlds rules with additional rules within- mostly new tech, and rules for using the Wired (a Matrix-like virtual reality).

I think this game will have a nice mix of roleplaying, world building, and short bursts of deadly combat. Many opponents will be quite powerful compared to the players, and planning and a little luck may be required to take them down.

Who we have so far-

Specter, the 12 year old daughter of a Tech tycoon and amateur Wired hacker. Studies in acrobatics, martial arts, and dance.

Tom Jackman, a professional data collector with a deadly secret- and a killer split personality.

Isra Atiyeh, a beautiful woman on the run, accused of attempted murder when trying to break her birth parents out of a Muslim "re-education" camp.

Cypher, a mysterious man coming home from Japan. He wields a katana and has taken a vow of silence- and one of Vengeance.

Game Description:

The year is 2040, and the American Empire is crumbling. The economy is in permanent crisis, poverty is rampant, and civil rights have been systematically destroyed from the ground up. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, the right to vote, innocence until proven guilty, all have been destroyed in all but name. Meanwhile, the rich just keep getting richer. The powerful have no one to answer to. And the poor don't know how to fight back... until now.

Small networks of activists have taken up the fight, standing up to police brutality and corruption in the government. Some hack the Wired to hide from Big Brother and gain access forbidden to all but the most powerful. Some have even uncovered "powers" using the Wired, previously known only to military-trained elites, that give mental and even physical control of an opponent through implanted nanotechnology. A select few have begun to dress in outlandish costumes and take to the streets, clashing with the police and corporate mercenaries. The media has demonized these people as terrorists, and the vast majority of the population ridicules them, but still they fight from within the shadows.

Hey sounds really cool, I'm definitely interested in putting soemthing together. Couple of quick questions.

Where do we apply? what are the guidelines for character building? when's the deadline? and which savage worlds edition?

Thanks for the questions! I put the character submissions thread back on the main page.

Build whatever you want, we're using the arcane background "superpowers" (very slightly modified as arcane background: cybernetics) with the "no power points" option. Not every character has to have superpowers though.

No deadline, as long as we have at least 1 more player I'm fine running the campaign. Nice to have a few more though.

We're using Savage Worlds Deluxe (the newest one). It's a $10 pdf or there's a free test-drive located here:

Hey this sounds like a awesome game. Please save a space for me. I'll get done reading the details posted here and hopefully get a character up some time tonight

This looks awesome. If there's still room, I'll have an app. up later tonight.


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