The Sheriff & Town Guard

The Sheriff & Town Guard

Belor Hemlock is the Sheriff

A Shoanti Tribesman who has settled in town, Belor has changed his name to the Chelish equivalent in order to get along better with members of the town council who thought he might be too barbaric to hold his position. He is considered a fair and just man, stern and not given to showing his anger often.

First: at times the word 'Guard Uniforms' is going to be used. Before we get too far into the field, the uniform is little more than a tabard with a heraldic depiction of a light house on it. The city has not spent money on complete uniforms. The tunic is grey with the light house dyed in black. Guards are issued light leather armor, dyed black, and a shortsword and spear if they do not possess weapons of their own.

Sandpoint is a quiet town with little need for much of an armed force most of the time. Once a month the town militia, being about one hundred volunteers, gathers in the town square and practices some basic techniques. They all have black armbands with a light house depicted on them. The Garrison has enough armor and weapons (short swords and spears) for all but the Town Council doesn't like having them all armored up and making a scene. Once every three months Belor is allowed to issue the armor and let them drill in it to get used to it's feel. There's always a handful or more of absentees as after drilling they are required to oil the armor up for storage.

The town guard itself has about thirty members in active service, plus a handful of officers. The Sheriff is always 'on duty' so to speak. During the day there are patrols, gates and bridges to watch, a market to keep an eye on for pick pockets, and the occasional scuffle to deal with. At night the gates to the north road are closed and a pair of guards stationed there to sleep but available if someone needs help. The other roads into town have no gates and anyone can cross the Turandarok river if they truely wanted to enter town. Sandpoint is not fortified. One of the Watch Captains and ten men stays in the garrison each night. Their patrol duties end at midnight.

There are three Watch Captains, and a three week rotation that goes more or less one week of working from morning until sunset, a week of being stationed in the garrison for night duty, and then a week off duty.

The Captain of the First Watch is a young officer from a Magnimar family of note. Faran Vetarial is young, ernest and knows much more about regulations than he knows about regulating a small town. Seen as supercilious by some, and a frequent butt of jokes around the Feedbag, Faran is actually competent with his weapons and has some military training. He is just too eager to show off his knowledge by far and tries just a bit too hard.

The Captain of the Second Watch is

Kaddok Marrow is the Captain of the Third Watch. He hates paperwork. From a family of fishermen, he lost his right hand in an accident, which may be why he dislikes writing. He never really got the hang of readapting to fishing properly and joined the Watch. His familiarity with Sandpoint's insular fishing community has been a boon to the Sheriff.

Additional Names

As Guardsmen or people associated with them are created I will put any notes I have on them here

Amynta : Sailor Girl from Riddleport. Dark features, many tattoos. She settled in Sandpoint when her infatuation for a local guardsman became a pregnancy. She joined the Guard after the child was weaned. Her husband died during 'The Troubles' five years back. One of the Lieutenants. Known for her short temper and colorful use of obscenities.

Vachedi : Shoanti Tribesman. Brutish in appearance and nature. Many scars from fighting, broken his nose at least twice. Two blue colored scars on his right arm, one blue colored scar on his left arm.

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