A Complicated Relationship

A Complicated Relationship

Ameiko Kaijitsu
Ameiko Kaijitsu is a fully human woman with features of a person from Tian Xia, and multiple tattoos. She used to be an adventurer but has retired and now runs the Rusty Dragon Tavern. She is good natured and her Inn is considered 'the good one' as in most fun, but not the most luxurious or most expensive. She has a soft spot for adventurers who are down on the luck, but zero tolerance for moochers or pity parties. While traveling as an adventurer, Ameiko collected multiple tattoos and a taste for cuisine from distant
Mandarin Style Chinese Food
Tian Xia, which she often tries to cook with a variety of results.

Tsuto Kaijitsu
Tsuto Kaijitsu is the half brother of Ameiko. A sign of his mother's infidelity, Tsuto was kicked out of the house and raised in the town orphanage. He grew up angry at everyone and constantly in fights. Girls he became interested in, he obsessed over to the point of frightening most of them despite his elvish good looks. He had several very public fights with his sister when they grew older and after their mother's funeral he left town. No one has seen him since and it is well known that anyone with news of him can get a free meal at Ameiko's tavern.

Lonjiku Kaijitsu
Lonjiku Kaijitsu is the father of Ameiko and as he is fully human was obviously not the father of Tsuto. This proof of his wife's infidelity is a rather sore point with him and certain to get you in trouble if you bring t it up in conversation. He is possibly the richest man in town, at least in the top five. He owns the glass works that employs about fifty people in one fashion or another and is on the town council. He can cause quite a bit of trouble if you get on his wrong side.

Atsuii Kaijitsu
Mother of both Tsuto and Ameiko. She was known as a quiet woman, demure and always assenting to the demands of her rather loud and pushy husband. The Kaijitsu family immigrated from Westcrown but their family line is actually from distant Tian Xia, which is evident more strongly in Atsuii than her husband. She was famous for the delicate beauty of her work with glass. Owning a set of goblets from her hand is considered a high mark in Sandpoint, and her name was even known in Magnimar.

In Detail
Lonijiku hated Tsuto as a constant reminder of his wife's infedility. Ameiko felt sorry for her half brother and tried to stay close to him, even after their father sent the boy (her younger brother by the way) off to live in an orphanage. Their mother was too brow beaten by Lonijiku to defy his commands and rarely saw her son. When Ameiko decided to become and adventurer, she and her brother had a very public argument. It ended with him him striking her and both of them leaving town in opposite directions.

Ameiko remained away, but Tsuto turned up from time to time, most often with unsavory companions. When their mother died six years ago, they both returned for the funeral. The siblings had another very public argument and Tsuto then left town again. Ameiko bought the Rusty Dragon and settled into town, defying her father's wishes to put on skirts and get married. They fight often.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

Tsuto Kaijitsu

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