Campaign Specific Traits

Campaign Specific Traits

All Players Must Choose One

Which is kinda hard since it seems the SRD is in the process of rewriting them and the Adventure Path Player Supplements seem to have conflicting ideas on them. So here's what I'm gonna do...

I cannot list the entire information provided by a supplement. I am pretty sure it is against the site rules. What I can do is give a brief description of the Trait and if a player wants to use one I can then send him the information in a PM about that one specific Trait.

I am going to try to make this work in my favor. The original Burnt Offerings came out before Pazio was giving all the Adventure Path's their own Traits. So there are some feats in the first Player's Guide that I think would be better served as Traits. And there are some Traits in the 'Anniversary Edition' Player's Guide that I feel are just awkwardly tacked on to make a list of more than three. For that matter, there are a few Traits from other sources which could be very applicable here. And finally, some of the Traits need so much revision that I am going to just rewrite them completely.

The result is, I am going to make a few posts, listing the Source of the Traits I feel are applicable to the game and giving a brief description of each.

Since this is a large amount of change, I will allow some wiggle room. If you can find a Trait I have not listed then I will consider allowing it as your 'Campaign Trait' so long as you can explain to me how it ties you more closely to the setting or the area. Pretty much, if it is not about Sandpoint, Magnimar or the region just to the north, it will not be applicable.

Burnt Offerings Adventure Path Original

The Original Adventure Path did not have 'Traits' as it was published before Pazio was adding Adventure Path specific Traits. It does have a
Starts on page 13
section of special Feats, some of which I feel are suited to be made Traits with minor adjustments.

Big Game Hunter
Minor Bonus to Dodge AC, Attack and Damage vs Size Large+ Creatures (Not Humanoids or Giants)

City Born
No Bonus on Saves. Korvosa, Magnimar or Riddleport.
Knowledge History of your chosen city +2 and it is a Class Skill for you. Minor Skill Bonus for Intimidate, Diplomacy or Bluff (Depending on which City) and that skill is also considered a class skill for your character. Incompatible with Country Born or Lone Wolf.

Country Born
Minor Ability to Resist Exhaustion. Incompatible with City Born or Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf
Greatly Increased Chance of Stabilizing without assistance. Minor Fortitude Save Bonus. Incompatible with City Born or Country Born.

Totem Spirit
No Bonus on Saves. Various Skills gain Minor Bonus, depending on which Spirit is your totem. Typical animal / skill associations can be found in half a dozen places in the SRD. Skill also becomes a Class Skill for your character. Must be Shoanti Tribal Member.

Varisan Tattoo
Remains a Feat. Not a Trait.

Burnt Offerings Adventure Path Anniversary

Many of these
Start on Page Four
Traits I feel are incompatible with the style which other Adventure Paths are written. Major Example being, almost every other Adventure Path Trait I have seen that allows for a minor bonus to two skills also allows the player to choose one of them to become a 'Class Skill', but none of these do.

Eager Performer
You know Cyrdak Drokkus. (He may not know you) Minor Bonus to Perform and it is a Class Skill. Minor Bonus to Save vs One Enchantment Spell.

Family Ties
Replaced by "Non-Traditional Native" detailed HERE.

Friends & Enemies
Revised to the version I have HERE.

Giant Slayer
Minor Bonus to Bluff, Perception & Sense Motive vs Giant Subtype. Minor Bonus to Attack and Damage vs Giant Subtype.

Goblin Watcher (Minor Change from Official Listing)
Minor Bonus to Perception and Appraise. One of those skills is always considered a Class Skill.

Hagfish Hopeful
Revised to 'Friends and Enemies' version I have HERE.

Merchant Family
Revised to 'Friends and Enemies' version I have HERE.

Monster Hunter (Minor Change from Official Listing)
Minor Bonus to Attack & Damage vs Aberrations. Minor Bonus on Knowledge Checks vs Aberrations. If character is Ranger; Minor Bonus applies to all typical 'Favored Enemy' skills.

Scholar of the Ancients
Minor Bonus to Knowledge Arcane and Knowledge History and one of those skills is always a Class Skill for you. Begin with free language skill in Thassilonian.

Student of Faith
Minor Bonus to Channel Energy ability.

Traits Available as Campaign Traits

Varisia Player Character Sourcebook does cost money from Pazio. Feats I am allowing from it.

Shoanti & Varisian Tattoo
Not Campaign Specific Traits, but very good ones to consider if you are playing a native of either culture.

Local Know it All & Town Gossip (Minor Change from Official Listing)
Combined. Bonus to Local Knowledge and Gather Information in one Community. Minor Diplomacy Bonus in that Community. Incompatible with City Born.

Regional Recluse
Minor Bonus to Stealth. Minor Bonus to One Skill : Varies by Region. Incompatible with City Born.

(The Following may be found in both the Varasian Guide and the
Available as a free download PDF
Shattered Star Players Guide

Alabaster Outcast
Starting Money Benefit. Minor Bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate within Magnimar or when dealing with Magnimar Citizens. Same bonus to a lesser degree when dealing with Nobility or within the sphere of influence of Maginmar.

Minor Bonus to Bluff and it is considered a Class Skill. Damage Bonus to Coup de Grace.

Monument Scholar
Minor Bonus to Knowledge History on the subject of ancient Thassalonian. Double to bonus within the area of Magnimar. You begin with a free language skill of Thassalonian.

Non-Traditional Native
Revised to the version I have HERE.

Ruin Raider (Minor Change from Official Listing)
Minor Bonus to Appraise and Knowledge Dungeoneering. One of those skills is always a class skill for you. Major Bonus to detect creatures who are indistinguishable from stone sculptures. (ie: Gargoyles)

SRD Burnt Offerings Traits

They are changed from the previous versions. I am not fond of the changes. Wish they would make up their minds.

Black Sheep
Revised to 'Friends and Enemies' version I have HERE.

Favored Son or Daughter
Revised to 'Friends and Enemies' version I have HERE.

Disallowed. Campaign Traits are supposed to make you tied closer to the campaign. Not put your backstory in some far away place you will never visit.

Campaign Traits I am Fully Revising

There are two Traits which I liked in part, but seemed incompatible with Pathfinder Trait system or just poorly written. Each will get it's own entry as I referenced them multiple times in the above posts.

At this point I would like to stress that while I like tweaking rules such as these, you are in no way forced to choose one of these modified traits. Any trait chosen from anywhere in this thread is considered a Campaign Trait.

Non-Traditional Native

Comes in two styles. Varasian or Shoanti.

Non-Traditional Native : Varasian
You were raised by the Varasian Gypsies. Either you were an orphan they took in, or you were born into one of their families. You are familiar with their traditions and culture. The 'Non-Traditional' aspect is, you have left the family and are wandering on your own. If you are an orphan raised by the Varasians, you may be looking for your heritage. If you were born within the tribe, some of the elders may think you are dodging some responsibility (such as an unwanted marriage) and you might have to explain yourself.

You can speak the language of the Varasian Gypsies for free.
Any Feats or Traits specific to the Varasian Gypsies are available to you. Any weapons specific to the Varasian Gypsies are considered known to you.
Damage +1 when wielding a Star Knife or Blade Scarf when you have the Advantage (ie: Surprise Round or Flanked)
Knowledge Geography (Varasia) +1
Diplomacy to Varasian Gypsies +1
Diplomacy to Law Enforcement -1
Performance (Dance) +1 and considered a Class Skill

Non-Traditional Native : Shoanti
You were raised by one of the Shoanti Tribes. Either you were an orphan they took in, or you were born into one of their families. You are familiar with their traditions and culture. The 'Non-Traditional' aspect is, you have left the family and are wandering on your own. If you are an orphan raised by the Tribes, you may be looking for your heritage. If you were born within the Tribe, some of the elders may think you are dodging some responsibility (such as an unwanted marriage) and you might have to explain yourself.

You can speak the language of the Shaonti Tribes for free.
Any Feats or Traits specific to the Shoanti Tribesmen are available to you. Any weapons specific to the Shoanti Tribesmen are considered known to you.
Confirm Criticals +1 with Earthbreaker, Klar,
Also +1 on Perform Checks Woodwind as detailed under the Totem Spear
Totem Spear or Shoanti Honor Knife
Survival Checks within Varasia +1
Diplomacy to Shoanti Tribesmen +1
Diplomacy to Townsfolk and Farmers -1

Friends & Enemies

There was a wide variability in the Game Mechanics of the various "You have a friend or enemy" Traits. I have tried to create a more unified version.

Trait Description
You have a personal tie to an important Citizen in Sandpoint. Universal Benefit : You have a convenient starting point when trying to find out information about what is going on. Most important Citizens in town have enemies. If you are friendly towards someone, their enemies may dislike you as well. Other Benefits depend on who you know and possibly how you know them. Unless otherwise stated, all benefits are within Sandpoint only.

Possible Choices for this Trait (Pick One Only)

Ameiko Kaijitsu (Local Admired Citizen and owner of the Rusty Dragon Inn)
Ameiko Kaijitsu is a woman with features of a person from Tian Xia, and multiple tattoos. She used to be an adventurer but has retired and now runs the Rusty Dragon Tavern. Characters who do not take advantage of her can expect to always have a place to sleep in the Rusty Dragon and one meal a day, so long as you don't mind eating leftovers. In return you may be asked to do some sweeping or calm down a local drunk.

Amekio is popular with Sheriff Hemlock and gets along well with the local Watch.
Amekio is unpopular with the Sczarni and does not get along with the local rouge's gallery.
Amekio is fighting with her Father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, who is a member of the Town Council who is liable to cause trouble for people who side with his daughter out of spite.
(More Details Here)

Selling gear through Ameiko gains you +10% of the price.
Diplomacy +1 to the City Guard and Sherif.
Diplomacy -1 with Local 'Underworld' types.

Belor Hemlock (Town sheriff)
A Shoanti Tribesman who has settled in town, Belor has changed his name to the Chelish equivalent in order to get along better with members of the town council who thought he might be too barbaric to hold his position. He is considered a fair and just man, stern and not given to showing his anger often. Local Shoanti think of him as a 'sell out' for changing his name and may not be friendly towards tribesmen who remain his friend. Being the friend of the Sheriff can get you out of a jam, just mentioning his name is sometimes enough to cause local toughs to back down. In return, the Sheriff will expect the Character to help out in times of unrest or trouble.

Call in a Favor : Can either get you out of a legal jam, hook you up with a town guard for help, or give you a onetime +10 bonus on a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check made against any local person. Not usable more than once in a twenty four hour period.
Diplomacy +1 to the City Guard and Sherif.
Intimidate +1 with Local 'Underworld' types.
Diplomacy -1 with Local 'Underworld' types.

Merchant Family
You are related by blood to one of the founding mercantile families of Sandpoint. A distant relative, second cousin twice removed, etc... You are looked upon favorably by the Town Council and can gain respect among the locals by name dropping, though that can backfire as some locals do not like all members of the Council. You might be able to convince local merchants to let you make minor purchases 'on credit' so long as you look as if you have the money to back it up. As long as you are not pushy or unpleasant, you will be allowed to stay in a room in one of their manor houses just outside of town. Other benefits depend upon which family you are part of.

Valdemar or Deverin
Resale of items at +10% when sold at a respectable establishments. (Sandpoint or Magnimar)
Appraise +1 and is a class skill for you.
Diplomacy +1 in Sandpoint and Magnimar.
Diplomacy -1 to Varasian Gypsies

Resale of items at +10% when sold at a respectable establishments. (Sandpoint or Magnimar)
Resale of 'fenced' items at +05% in disreputable establishments (Sandpoint or Magnimar)
Appraise +1 and is a class skill for you.
Diplomacy +1 in Sandpoint and Magnimar.
Diplomacy -2 to Varasian Gypsies
Diplomacy -2 to Town Guard
Gather Information +1 from 'Underworld' sources.

Long Lost Relatives of the Kaijitsu clan are not being considered.

Shalelu Andosana (Elf Ranger and local Woodswomann)
Shalelu is an elven girl who wanders the local region engaged in a never ending - self proclaimed war against the local goblin tribes. She comes into town once a month in order to supply the Sheriff and the Mayor with a report on the state of the outlying farms and wilderness. This report includes any suspicious characters or bandits she might have seen. She is respected by most, even those who don't like her. Nearly every family in the farming community outside of Sandpoint has at some time had reason to be thankful for Shalelu's watchful eye. Either for her timely interference in a goblin raid, or for harassing local bandits into changing locations, she is well loved by the locals.

Survival +1 and it is considered a Class Skill for your character
Knowledge Geography (Varassia) +1
Diplomacy +1 with Local Farming Community.
Intimidate +1 vs Local Goblins
Diplomacy -2 with Local Underworld Community.

Hagfish Roustabout
Either you hang out with sailors and fishermen, or because you are friends with the owner, or because you drink a lot and don't care about the quality. The character is a familiar face at the Hagfish and has attempted the 'Drink a Cup with Norah' contest on several occasions. The character is good at keeping down noxious tasting liquids. If the character passes out at the Hagfish he is unlikely to be pick pocketed and will not be thrown out into the street.

Fortitude Save +1 vs Poison and Nausea.
Fortitude Save +2 to resist the effects of Alcohol.
All Social Skills at +1 in the Hagfish or among the fishing community.
Diplomacy +1 to any sailor in Varasia, if you mention the Hagfish.
Diplomacy -2 to any townsman with a daughter of marriageable age.

Drink a Cuppa Norah : Contest Rules
Pouch starts with Ten Silver. Cost One Silver to make an attempt; coin goes into the pouch. When pouch is full, all silver replaced with gold coins and then it costs a gold to enter. You can enter as many times as you want.

Well Aren't You Just a Son of a.....
Your father or mother was a good friend of someone important in Sandpoint. Could have been former lovers, could have been former companions during a goblin invasion. Possibly just a distant relative. For whatever reason, you know someone in town and have an immediate starting point for rest or beginning a discussion about local matters. Other benefits may accrue depending upon who you know and how you know them.

Garridan Viskalai (Local Shoanti Tribesman and Owner of the White Deer Inn)
Character should have some tie with the Shoanti. This local tribesman is brother to the Sheriff, but they are feuding over Belor's abandonment of Shoanti Traditions, so there will be no special favors coming from that connection. He runs the White Deer Inn, the towns finest establishment, directly across from the newly built Cathedral. He is highly respected in the community, especially considering his tribal background.
Discount of 10% on everything in The White Deer.
All Social Skills +1 while at The White Deer or with local Shoanti Tribesmen.
Diplomacy +1 when dealing with the Town Council.

Brodert Quink (Sage & Local Expert on Thassilonian History)
Character should have some tie with Scholars or Historians. A rather crotchety and unlikeable old coot, this man is likely the leading expert on Thassilonian History in the world. Sadly his theories are unpopular, mostly because of how unpleasant he is. He owns a small library of very significant Thassilonian histories.
He will talk to you without making an appointment for some time a week in the future in hopes you will go away.
Knowledge History +2 and it is a Class Skill for your Character.

Sabyl Enderaki (Or her deceased father, Sorn) (Caretaker of the House of Blue Stones)
Character should have some tie with Monks or the worship of Irori. The House of Blue Stones is a contemplative garden dedicated to Irori. Sabyl was never an 'adventuring' monk, but her father Sorn was and made many friends across Varasia and beyond. She has a significant collection of books on history, meditation, self discovery, and the Planes.
Sabyl will let you use her library, which adds +4 to any knowledge check on History, the Planes or Physical Fitness.
Acrobatics, Climb & Swim at +1 and one of them can be chosen to be a Class Skill for your character.

Madame Mvashti (Local Gypsy Queen and Resident Stubborn Old Lady)
Character should have some connection to the Varasian Gypsies. Madame Mvashti is old. Already getting on in years when the town was founded, she was given a large manor house in the center of town to be her home until she passed away. Seemingly just to spite the Town Council, she hangs on to life and is still quite spry and chipper, even though she must be getting close to 100 years of age. She is well respected by the Varasian Gypsies and most of the common townsfolk. They are also mostly afraid of her and she is suspected of being a witch.
The Character can attempt to persuade Madame Mvashti to perform a Harrow Reading (Augury) once a week.
The Character has access to the best cookies in town.
Knowledge History and Arcana +1 and one of them can be chosen to be a Class Skill.
Diplomacy -1 with any member of the Founding Families except Ameiko.

Gressel Tenniwar (Local Unsavory Thug and Owner of the Fatman's Feedbag)
Gressel is a greasy and unkempt and overweight thug who operates the most notorious bar in town. Characters who claim him as friend are automatically considered suspicious by any upstanding citizen. On the plus side, such characters are more likely to be welcomed by the 'underworld' types of Sandpoint.
You'll pay full price for the watered down swill that serves as beer in the Fatman, but the character gets a 10% discount from the girls at the Pixe's Kitten. (The Owners of the two establishments might be at odds, but the girls know where their best customers come from)
Resale of items gets a +10% and no questions asked.
Resale of 'fenced' items at +05% in disreputable establishments (Sandpoint or Magnimar)
All Social Skills at +1 in the Fatman's Feedbag or The Pixie's Kitten.
Diplomacy -1 with the Town Guard and the Sheriff.

Touched by Tragedy

The Town of Sandpoint has had it's share of bad times. The most terrible occurred five years ago. Characters wishing an involvement in these times should choose one of the following connections as their Campaign Trait.

Ezakien Tobyn
Former Cleric of the Town Cathedral, he tragically burned to death in a fire that claimed not only his life, but the life of his daughter. He was a pillar of the community, stern at times, but well loved by his flock. He taught the catechism of his faith for decades, and many clerics of Desna throughout Varisa were his students or read from scrolls copied of his teachings.

Knowledge Religion +1 and Heal +1 and one of them may be chosen to always be considered a Class Skill for the Character
Diplomacy +1 with any follower of Desna

Nualia Tobyn
An orphan left on the church steps, Nualia was the prettiest girl in Sandpoint, possibly the prettiest girl from Magnimar to Riddlepoint. Her beauty became a curse; girls were jealous and teased her and boys were intimidated by both her beauty and by her stern father, who was the town Cleric. She drove away the few who tried to be her friend with self pity. She had an other worldly quality which superstitious took to be a sign of some power. Some went as far as to steal locks of her hair for good luck or believing her touch could cure ailments, would grab at her in the marketplace and try to put her hand on their warts or blemishes.

Sense Motive +1 and it is considered a Class Skill for your Character.
Diplomacy +1 with Sandpoint Residents, who consider you lucky and may ask you to touch their warts.

Tsuto Kaijitsu
The unlucky half elf son of the Kaijitsu clan was thrown out of his home and raised in an orphanage. His older sister tried to help ease the hurt, but eventually it became too much and they fought. It is possible that any Character who is an orphan could have been raised with Tsuto and be considered a friend, or at least an acquaintance.

Bluff +1 and Sense Motive +1 and one of them is considered a Class Skill for your Character.
Diplomacy +1 with Local Underworld
Diplomacy -1 with Normal Townsfolk who consider you a troublemaker like your friend Tsuto.

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